Volfsball Hits New Zealand

The great sport has made its debut in New Zealand! Industrious school teachers at Hataitai School in Wellington constructed this makeshift masterpiece Volfsball stand from a variety a unrelated items. The result, the first instance of Volfsball away from the British Isles.

New Zealand Variety of Volfsball Stand

New Zealand Variety of Volfsball Stand

Lucky 8 to 10 year old students at the school took part in the fine game. With this sort of progress it can be only months before Volfsball overtakes Rugby and Cricket as the National Sport.

The genius teacher responsible for this glorious moment, Mr Beattie, wrote to Volfsball Commissioner Marek Larwood saying:

“We discussed ways to play without the amazing piece of kit that your dad made. The kids loved it because it’s fast and frantic, it’s great to teach because it a game where you really have to use the players around you, you can’t be a glory grabber really! The skills needed in gameplay link to netball too which a lot of the girls play. Plus it was easy to referee. I think there was only one ball-in-the-face incident. ”

There is even talk of a lunchtime competition. Splendid stuff!