Harringay Choppers 9 v 5 Balham Choke Hazard

Harringay Choppers vs Balham Choke Hazard

Choppers – Bell, Rowland, Hall

Choke Hazard – Saunders, Hunt & Buckley

With everyone else too old and knackered to play again what is becoming the newest rivalry in the league saw the Choppers replay the Choke Hazard. James Rowland set the atmosphere by saying “Hope you have a shit game mate” to an opposing Choke Hazard player.

Nearby two male dog walkers held hands as they watched the match while a bemused family looked on. Volfsball was certainly capturing the public’s imagination.

1st Quarter

Thom Saunders defended some passes by jumping through the air into the defending zone and knocking the ball away before he touched the ground. It was decided this could be done as an experiment in this match* (see note below). Saunders was in aggressive mood attempting three DoppleVolfsballs within the first minute. Bell was shooting like a mentalist for the Choppers but only connected on one out of eight shots. The first quarter ending 1-1.

2nd Quarter

The second quarter saw the two captains Saunders and Bell taking the bulk of shots again and missing. Buckley putting in some great blocks for Choke Hazard. 2-2 at the half.

3rd Quarter

More of the same in with misses galore from both sides. Hazard were up 4-3 when Hunt blocked a ball by stepping in the no go zone. Bell stepped up to take the free shot and missed, it looked like a wasted opportunity but Bell scored with his next possession and hit a Volfsball with the rebound. Six quick points to give them Choppers a 9-4 lead.

4th Quarter

Hunt and Buckley were blocking everything early on, Buckley taking a shot in the face for the team. Hunt continued to make attempts with his looping shot. The score was 9-5 with ten seconds left when Buckley narrowly missed with a Volfsball attempt. Choppers held on for their low scoring second win 9-5. A great day for the bad boys of Volfsball.


Rules Clarification

Upon inspection of match footage the rule makers have decided that the defending team may not interfere with the ball in the air by landing in the opposing players zone, they can reach into the zone but once the ball crosses the defenders arms length from standing in their own zone they may not interfere with the ball.

Defending players are allowed to knock the ball out of attacking players hands or reach in and grab the ball but feet must remain in their defending zone.

Travelling – when a play catches the ball they can pivot, they can also jump from their pivot foot, but a further step is travelling.

Choppers vs ChokeHazard Game2-Oct

Choppers vs ChokeHazard Game2-Oct

NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Tom Bell
Tom Hall
James Rowland
Thom Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
James Hunt
(Choke Hazard)
Russ Buckley
(Choke Hazard)