Harringay Choppers 10 vs 14 Camden Kongs

Choppers vs Kongs Volfsball

Choppers vs Kongs Volfsball

Harringay Choppers Vs Camden Kongs

Choppers – Bell, Flannery, Rowland

Kongs – D. Reed, J. Reed, Whelan



1st Quarter

The voice of Tom Bell started the match bellowing ‘Fuck off’ to his opposition in spite of the children playing nearby. But the Kongs did not ‘fuck off’ with Whelan and John Reed propelling them into an early lead. Meanwhile helicopters circled overhead, found Marek Larwood standing by the sidelines hoped this was potential rich Arab sponsors.

Despite lovely passing from the Choppers they couldn’t score then made the mistake of leaving Whelan unmarked for her to bag her second Volfsball of the day, another point from David gave the Kongs an astounding 9-1 first quarter lead. In a reversal of fortune it was the Choppers who looked like they’d just been told to fuck off.


2nd Quarter

The Choppers continued where they lift off, passing the ball well, in particular the no look distribution from Flannery was pleasing to the eye. But the trash talking Bell couldn’t score from the field and a quiet descended on the pitch as the Kongs led 10-1. A couple more scores from John Reed and it was 12-1 (even though scorer Larwood has incorrectly scored it 11-1 on the day). After a half of Volfsball the Choppers had hit 1 of 18 shots, whereas the Kongs only had 16 shots but had connected on 8 of them.


3rd Quarter

The same pattern continued in the third quarter. Tiredness visibly crept into the play of both sides. John Reed through a lippy Tom Bell to the ground away from play and just escaped the game’s first yellow card.


4th Quarter

Tom Bell pulled up his shorts really tight and this seem to inspire his flagging team, two early scores followed by a Volfsball from Bell and suddenly the dream was back on 13-8 and only a Volfsball away from equalizing. But it was not to be, and the Kongs experience prevailed winning 14-10. All ten Chopper points coming from captain Bell.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Tom Bell
Paul Flannery
James Rowland
David Reed
Gemma Whelan
John Reed