Harringay Choppers 21 v 17 Balham Choke Hazard

Harringay Choppers vs Balham Choke Hazard

Choppers – Bell, Rowland, Hall

ChokeHazard – Saunders, Hunt & Buckley

In a rematch of the epic draw from a fortnight ago Tom Bell’s bad boys of Volfsball faced the form team and undefeated Balham Choke Hazard. Both team’s meant business, hard business, and the testosterone was dripping off the field in this homoerotic all male match up.

By some miracle three of the players were called Tom/Thom and two of them James it was almost as if they were fighting for space in their mother’s wombs.


1st Quarter

Saunders was impressive for the Choke Hazard early on, scoring with accuracy. Meanwhile Rowland showed defensive prowess for the Choppers who looked resplendent in their black and white kit. However at the close of the half debutant Tom Hall scored a Volfsball from an impossible angle to put his team up 9-4 against the hotly tipped Choke Hazard.

2nd Quarter

Great defense from both sides with Saunders and Rowland throwing themselves about for their respective teams. The Choke Hazard’s didn’t seem to get the ball to big man James Hunt who had scored so impressively in the previous game, but he hit within the last few seconds to cut Choppers lead to 10-7.

3rd Quarter

Just when the Hazard’s started to claw their way back new boy Tom Hall hit his second Volfsball of the match. The Choppers were tumescent with excitement. They could smell their first victory 17-9 up.

4th Quarter

An early Volfsball from Hunt and suddenly it was 17-14, could this be yet another Choke Hazard comeback? But the Choppers led by scoring machine Tom Hall, and the great all round play of Bell and Rowland were victorious winning their first ever game 21-17. The news gave Tom Bell what looked like a boner.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Tom Bell
Tom Hall
James Rowland
Thom Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
James Hunt
(Choke Hazard)
Russ Buckley
(Choke Hazard)
Choppers vs Choke Hazard Game1

Choppers vs Choke Hazard Game1CH