Supermoons 12 v 14 Choppers

Muswell Hill Supermoons Volfsball Cup Team

Muswell Hill Supermoons Volfsball Cup Team

Moons – Larwood, Feilder, Sanders – sub Somerville

Choppers – Bell, Rowland Hall


Handshakes at the start could not disguise the desire to destroy each other among the Supermoons vs the Choppers. The Choppers were throwing the ball hard at the prism the Supermoons taking a more delicate approach. The finesse of the Supermoons seemed to work with Saunders, Feilder and Larwood all scoring early on to give them a 3-1 lead. Then with just 15 seconds left Bell and Rowlands shared a flurry of one pointers and rebounds as the Supermoons were stunned by a display of offensive majesty by the Choppers who took a 5-3 lead.


This continued into the second quarter, Choppers up 7-4 until a lovely passage of play from Saunders and Feilder nailing point and a Volfsball respectively, shot the Supermoons into a 10-7 lead. Great offensive rebounding for Somerville and scoring edged them ahead 11-7. But again a great last few seconds from Chooppers clawed them back and we had a game on – 11-9 at the half.


Choppers clawed into a 12-11 lead in the third. The Supermoons showing weak shooting for the field, but on the other side Tom Bell increasing in accuracy for the boys in black.


Two early scores in the fourth quarter and the Choppers were up 14-11. An ill captain Larwood could only manage one more for the Moons and the Choppers were victorious 14-12 (Although on the day this was incorrectly scored 15-12).


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Tom Bell
James Rowland
Tom Hall
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)623320.33110
Lou Sanders (Supermoons)1121820.18100
Simon Feilder(Supermoons)524061.2211
Matt Somerville