Game 9 – Supermoons 7 v 13 Kongs

Game 9 – 25th July 2015 – Supermoons vs Kongs

Line Ups

Moons – Larwood, McNeill, Feilder

Kongs – D. Reed, J.Reed, Morris


The game had changed forever after the miraculous scoring of the previous match. But the rematch saw both sides profligate with shooting. Going through the air proved difficult with the long arms of Richard Morris again blocking everything, so Larwood resorted to kicking on the ground. Giving the Moons an early lead with a three pointer.


Again the Kongs came back and they went into the half 5-4 up. It proved to be a day of previously unsung heroes. As David Reed who had struggled with shooting in previous matches scoring just two points in eight games, suddenly caught fire. Adding a Volfsball and a host of other points to lead all players with nine points.


The Moons looked broken and the Kongs handed them their second ever defeat, coming out on top 13-7.


Marek Larwood112180.3641000
Dave McNeill16212.50.1223100
Simon Feilder11190.0910100
Richard Morris152130.1327100
David Reed135380.6990010
John Reed52400.421000