Balham Choke Hazard 7 – 29 Crouch End Tigers

Balham Choke Hazard 30 ­ 7 Crouch End Tigers

Report by Rob Marland

First third

Once again Nunnery opened scoring for the Tigers with a volfsball lobbed through a spinning

rim. Everyone puked. Thom Saunders, orchestrator of the most advanced tactics in the

game, pulled off a nifty give­and­go maneuver that left him one point the richer. Then

Nunnery shot over two opponents to nail another volfsball like some sort of robot­man

programmed to win. Mandy Saunders and Richard Morris followed suit with volfsballs of their

own in what must surely be the highest scoring period in the sport’s short history, 17­- 6 in

favour of the Tigers (although it was called 18­- 6 on the day).

Second third

Within seconds, another volfsball, this time from rookie Luke Mason. It was to be the

highlight of the third which, despite some decent passing play from both teams, was judged

to be total rubbish compared to what had come before.

Third third

The game was all but won at the start of the third, but both teams came out fighting. Thom

Saunders was blocked by Morris; later in the period Saunders repaid Morris in kind. A string

of one­pointers later and the Tigers were etching their names in stone with a 29-­7 victory

(the final score on the day was incorrectly called as 30­7, but the Tigers still toppled the

Choke Hazard’s previous record of 25 points in one game).

Thom Saunders (Choke Hazard)111910.09100
Greg Nixon (Choke Hazard)50000100
Mandy Saunders (Choke Hazard)1121860.55001
Richard Morris (Tigers)1254290.75301
Luke Mason (Tigers)822560.75001
Joe Nunnery (Tigers)10660141.4002