Two Horse Race for Title

Volfsball September 9th

A deceptively sunny Sunday brought some of the greatest athletes in sport to the Volfsball field. The Supermoons welcomed back Max Whittle, while the Tramsmashers subbed in from a hybrid Panthers/Stonehewers squad.

Tramsmashers v Supermoons

The Tramsmashers drafted in young Gregory Stanier in this potential league deciding clash, and they shot into a 8-2 after the blonde assassin hit a Volfsball. But the bald bombshell Marek Larwood immediately replied. It was 10-7 after an energetic first third. 

The Tramsmashers were shooting with incredible accuracy as the stretched their lead to 16-10.

The single point shooting continued. Marek Larwood was back to his old form with another Volfsball and accounting for 16 of his teams 18 points but the Moons fell 22-18.

Tramsmashers v Stonehewers

Max Whittle joined Rich Somerville and Jack Clayton as they faced the mighty Stonehewers, who must be questioning the decision to split into three teams over the past two seasons.

The Stonehewers showed why they were so dominate in seasons past with their almost telepathic movement and passing. Ben Stanier put a Volfsball icing on a cake of a first third as they creamed into a 9-3 lead.

It was up to Rich Somerville to bring the Tramsmashers with a Volfsball but Gregory Stanier replied with one in an impressive third for the young man. The Stonehewers up 16-10.

Both sides were unable to hit any more Volfsballs, but a dominate Gregory Stanier powered the Stonehewers to 20-13 win.

Supermoons v Panthers

Toby Davies arrived to form the Panthers with Alex and Ben Stanier and they dominated the early stages of the game to lead 3-1 until a late single from Larwood and last second Volfsball from Whittle put the Moons 7-3 up.

The Panthers started to claw back to 10-6 but Max Whittle hit a kick at the end if the game to give the Moons a 13-6 lead.

The Moons were 16-9 up with 15 seconds left when Ben Stanier hit a Volfsball, bringing them back to 16-14, then a time out with three seconds left gave them time for one more shot. Ben Stanier hit a second Volfsball to turn the game on its head with a 19-16 victory.

Moons looking cool.

Tramsmashers v Supermoons

A rematch of the leaders. A win for the Tramsmashers would surely give them the title, after the Supermoons heartbreaking last second loss in the previous match.

It was a cautious start from both sides as they just went for singles. The first third ended 4-4.

It continued this way as the teams exchanged single points. The Moons edging it 15-12  (although this was scored 14-13 on the day. A win for the Moons meant the title challenge was still on.

Panthers v Supermoons

The Panthers were looking to extend their undefeated record in the league while the Moons needed a win to top the table. It was another tight contest the Moons edging things 4-3 in the first third.

In the next third Toby Davies put some good blocks in for the Panthers, but Marek and Max continued to play it safe with singles as the Moons led 8-6.

Davies stepped into the no go zone when blocking allowing Max Whittle to hit a single. Another kick from Max Whittle helped the Moons win 14-10. Taking the Panthers unbeaten league record and first place in the league.

Ealing Others v London Nobodies

What was almost a friendly match between these two disparate groups of players soon turned into a bizarre shot spectacle. 

The Ealing Others ended winning 15-7 the highlight being a Toby Davies headed three pointer.


A great week for Volfsball. Just one point separates the title contenders. Next Saturday is the County Cup in Ealing, and the next Highgate Volfsball will not be the weekend of October 5/6th or 13th/14th TBC.

There are no video highlights this week due to time constraints and the dwindling popularity of highlights videos. So the demand may not meet the effort of the supply. Stay cool out there.

Tramsmashers 22 v 18 Supermoons

Tramsmashers 13 v 20 Stonehewers

Supermoons 16 – 19 Panthers

Tramsmashers 12 v 15 Supermoons

Panthers 10 v 14 Supermoons

Ealing Others 15 v 7 London Nobodies