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Larwood Invitational Volfsball Cup 2015 Reflections

Larwood Invitational Volfsball Cup 2015 Reflections

Larwood Invitational Cup

The Cup is an annual event that takes place at the end of the Volfsball season. Teams are invited to contest by founder Marek Larwood. It takes the format of knockout or Round robin depending on how many teams turn up.

The 2015 Cup took place on October 18th, contested by Camden Kongs, Harringay Choppers and Muswell Hill Supermoons. The Choppers won both matches in their round robin and lifted the cup, Supermoons were runners up.


Der Goldene Volf

Created by Rob Marland, of the West Wirral Snake Hips, Der Goldene Volf is the Northern Volfsball tournament that takes place annually. First contested on December 29th 2015, between the Hoylake Red Rocks, Bebington Flaming Fir Cones, Tranmere Lions and West Kirby Marine Lakers. You can read about the cup and watch video footage here. The Hoylake Red Rocks were victorious in the inaugual competition.

The Champions Shield

Yet to be contested. This is the seasoner opener between the the winner’s of the All Comer’s League and the Larwood Invitational Cup. Should this be the same team, it will be a game between first and second place in the All Comer’s League. In 2016 the Harringay Choppers will play the Muswell Hill Supermoons.

The World Championships

Yet to be contested, this is set for early June 2016, when Volfsball teams from around the world will compete for the greatest prize since the Holy Grail.