Supermoons are All Comers League Champions

Cheers cascaded down the streets of Muswell Hill as their very own Supermoons were declared All Comers League Champions for the second consecutive season. The Supermoons lifted the trophy again without achieving a winning record. Volfsball fans will know that the league heavily favours attendance, with points awarded for games played. Many might suggest that the Supermoons had a distinct advantage as Captain Marek Larwood owns the Volfsball equipment.

Earlier in the season West Wirral Snakehips and Balham Choke Hazard had looked like title contenders, and both finished the year with winning records. However the Snakehips Rob Marland moved to Switzerland scuppering their chances, and Hazard’s attendance fell away at the end of the season, the teams finishing second and third respectively.

Supermoons Captain Larwood said ‘I know this may look like a fix for me to win a sport that I’ve created myself, but that is bullshit. The Supermoons had a great season playing some of the best and worst Volfsball of the year. I would just like to thank the fans and the core team of Lee Bannard, Richie Hart, Simon Feilder and Matthew Steer who helped this dream come true.’

Indeed the Supermoons ended the season with a league leading 14 Volfsballs alongside early favourites the Crouch End Tigers. When asked if there would be a victory parade Larwood said he was thinking of walking to the shops with the trophy in his pocket.

Larwood celebrates in his bedroom alone at home

Larwood celebrates in his bedroom alone at home

The long awaited 2016 Larwood Cup had been cancelled in October due to weather, but there is a provisional date of November 27th in the diary.

In honour of their great victory new Supermoons badges are available in the shop and 2016 World Championship T-shirts and mugs have had their prices slashed to a paltry £5.

Muswell Hill Supermoons189091972421436
West Wirral Snakehips14815178163931
Balham Choke Hazard11704107113425
Harringay Choppers14329120155322
Crouch End Tigers6402116591414
Ealing Stonehewers3300372729
Camden Kongs5203486309
Rhein Ruhr Germinators4103384636
Bethnal Green Lanterns2101262214
Chessington Ebola Bears3012263514