Choppers Lift Shield

The sun emerged from a cloudy September day to pay reverence to greatest sport known to man – Volfsball. It was the first appearance for Henning Wehn’s Rhein Ruhr Germinators just as the season was about to finish, but it was the new team the Ealing Stonehewers who stole the show. Made up of the Stanier family they went undefeated in their first three games.

Elsewhere the Champions Shield was contested between last years league winners the Muswell Hill Supermoons and Larwood Cup holders the Harringay Choppers. The Choppers surged to victory capping a miserable day of performances from the top of the league Supermoons.

Full Match Reports Below

Rhein Ruhr Germinators 2016

Rhein Ruhr Germinators 2016

Supermoons Vs Germinators

Captain Larwood led his makeshift team onto the field featuring Feilder and debutant Ben Stanier. Henning Wehn and Thea Russell were the Germinators regulars with Choke Hazard Thom Saunders subbing in. The Supermoons were to play their best Volfsball of the day in the first minute, Stanier and Feilder smashing in a quick series of one pointers to surge into a 5-0 lead.

A stunning round the back shot from When put the Germinators back to 5-1.

The second third saw Simon Feilder hit a Volfsball, almost missed by media city as the Choppers filming themselves. A dominant Moons were 11-1 up with a third to play. A low scoring third saw the game finish 12-3.


Germinators vs Choppers

Flannery, Bell and Rowlands for the Choppers took an early lead and went in at the first third 3-1 up. Reviewing footage showed that Henning Wehn actually scored a Volfsball for the Germinators, so the score should have been 6-3.

The Choppers continued to pressure, all the team hitting singles and soon they were 6-3 up (actual score 6-8), but Thom Saunders hit a Volfsball this time it was registered and with three minute left the Germinators were 8-6 up.

This game was full of incorrect scoring, but the teams believed it was 9-9 with ten seconds left. Thom Saunders stepped up to score his second Volfsball of the game and it finished 14-9. The correct score for officiating records was in fact 19-8. It may have been one of the biggest scoring debacles in recent history but nonetheless great three Volfsballs for the Germinators.


Champions Shield – Choppers vs Supermoons

What should have been the season opener, now took place right at end of the season. The Choppers took an early lead as the Supermoons displayed another episode of their shooting woes from recent weeks. 3-1 at the first third. Choppers pressed ahead in the second third, up 6-1 thanks to some diabolical shooting from the Supermoons. A fight back in the final third was not on the cards and the Choppers won the shield with a 9-4 victory.


Ealing Stonehewers vs Rhein Ruhr Germinators

A brand new team late in the season, the Stonehewers represented two generations of the same family– Alex, Ben and Greg Stanier, and they took on the Germinators who had come off a fine victory, but were using a mix of subs to play for them. The Stonehewers dominated early doors, with some great passing, and Ben Stanier in particular accurate from the field. Then Thea Russell hit a couple of shots to bring the Germinators back to 7-4.

The close game continued in the next third with the Stonehewers up 9-7 with three minutes to go.

A couple of shots from both sides rattled the Volfsball rim in last third, but eight game points from Ben Stanier helped the Stonehewers to a victory in their first game 13-9.


Ealing Stonehewers vs Harringay Choppers

Tense defensive stuff in the first third, both teams spreading the ball around nicely, and man to man marking to cut down on space. The Choppers led 2-1 after the first period, both points coming from Captain Bell.

The second third was equally close, all three Staniers scoring and Rowlands adding one for the Choppers. Ben Stanier took advantage of the Choppers defending the inner circle to hit a Volfsball and the Stonehewers were up 9-3 two thirds through the match.

The Choppers finally clicked in the last third, Rowland leading the charge with a series of one pointers, they pulled back to 11-10, but a strong all round game from the Stonehewers saw them win their second match 13-11.


Supermoons vs Choppers

 The two faced each other again after the Champions Shield. James Rowland scoring well and rebounding against a hapless Moons who missed Lee Bannard. Up 5-1 in the first period. The domination extended to the second period, Larwood the only player able to score for the Moons as an all round Choppers attacked propelled them into an 11-3 lead. This proved unassailable as they rounded out 13-6 victors


Ealing Stonehewers vs Rhein Ruhr Germinators

This was a rematch between these teams playing their first games of the season today, the Stonehewers earlier edging out the Germinators. James Rowlands subbed on to help a depleted Germinators team. But early on the Stonehewers were dominant, Ben Stanier hitting his second Volfsball of the day, giving the Ealing side a first period lead of 8-3.

Tom Bell replaced Rowland for the Germinators, and the next period was deadlock, 10-5 Stonehewers with just three minutes to go.

Both sides scored two a piece in the final third, the Stonehewers winning 11-7. Three out of three victories, if only the Stonehewers had started earlier they could have been real contenders.

League Table

Muswell Hill Supermoons189091972421436
West Wirral Snakehips14815178163931
Balham Choke Hazard11704107113425
Harringay Choppers14329120155322
Crouch End Tigers6402116591414
Ealing Stonehewers3300372729
Camden Kongs5203486309
Rhein Ruhr Germinators4103384636
Bethnal Green Lanterns2101262214
Chessington Ebola Bears3012263514