Volfsball shunned by Sports Personality of the Year


The shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year was released today, and cries of corruption echoed through the halls of the BBC as none of Volfsball’s sporting heroes made the list. Boring regulars Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis were included, as well as Chris Froome and Mo Farah, suggesting that Volfsball’s no drug testing policy may have rubbed off on mainstream sport.

But there was no mention of the all round power game of John Reed, the defensive prowess of Dave McNeill , nor the offensive powerhouses Tom Bell and Rob Marland. League Commissioner Marek Larwood who had previously attempted to win the SPOTY award in 2014 (see video below), said “yet again I feel let down by the world of sport, I can only hope Volfsball grows large enough to overthrow this narrow minded tyranny.”