Volfsball Hits West London

A boiling hot July day in Pitshanger Park, the perfect spot for Volfsball to breakthrough to a new audience. A Volfsball exhibition tournament was taking place as part of the Pitshanger Party in the Park community fare. Thousands were expected to attend. Alex Stanier and his family, as well as Hew Ingram, had done a sterling job organising the Volfsball pitch and getting sponsorship to pay for all the fencing and entry fees.

Local MP Stephen Pound even took part in the six shot challenge, and after a tentative start started smashing the stand in a Volfsball frenzy of points. Although it was noted that he didn’t pay the one pound entry fee. There were mutters of ‘ another MP expenses fiasco’ from the sidelines.

Six teams turned out for the friendly tournament. The Pitshanger Panthers, Woodfield Warriors and Balham Choke Hazard in Pot A, with the Happy Friends, Muswell Hill Supermoons and Power Ninjas in Pot B. A round robin would be played with the top two from each group qualifying for the semis.

Millions of people watched from the sidelines. I say millions, it may have been a few puzzled people drinking beer.

Group Stages

Pot A – Pitshanger Panthers, Woodfield Warriors and Balham Choke Hazard

Hot favourites the Pitshangar Panthers dominated the Woodfield Warriors in their opener and the height of Tobias and Toby and the scoring and rebounding of Ben Stanier helped them win their group with another victory over the Balham Choke Hazard.

Alex Stanier led this team of Hew Ingram and Nadia to a win over the experienced Balham Choke Hazard to get the second spot.

Pot B – Happy Friends, Muswell Hill Supermoons and Power Ninjas

Meanwhile the Supermoons consisting of Marek Larwood and Max Whittle with a rotating sub which occasionally included members of the public played some fine Volfsball to win their group.

The Power Ninjas fielded the youngest squad to hit the Volfsball field and threatened victory with some excellent play in both games but ultimately succumbed to Gregory Stanier’s Happy Friends. So the Moons and Friends were in the next round.

Semi Finals

It was the Battle of the Brothers as Ben Stanier’s Pitshanger Panthers took on Gregory Stanier’s Happy Friends.  As expected the Panthers hit the ground running and went into the lead but a Volfsball from Gregory Stanier kept it close but not close enough and the Panthers were in the final.

In the other semi the Moons had drafted in James Hunt from the Choke Hazard as their third player and their experience was too much for the valiant Warriors who they overwhelmed to reach the final.


A tense affair where a well disciplined Moons team man marked the Panthers giving them little space to shoot. Max Whittle was on fine form for the Moons and a Volfsball helped them into a lead which they sustained to win 17-11 or something like that.

The Moons were all presented with medals in what must rank as one of the greatest displays of sport ever.

But the real winner was of course Volfsball. Everyone agreed it was the best day of all of their entire lives, even people who had just stopped to watch for a second. Thank you to the Staniers for organising and the sponsors for helping fund the day.