Supermoons Claim All Comers League Title

Muswell Hill Supermoons Team - Bannard, Larwood, McNeill, Steer and SandersAs the year draws to a close and we await the full results from the Northern Volfsball Cup (Der Goldene Volf), it is time to announce the winners of the main Volfsball All Comers League.

The Muswell Hill Supermoons, possibly the finest collection of athletes seen this decade, have lifted the very first title All Comers League title. Leading from the start of the season, and overcoming a run of seven consecutive losses, the blue clad heroes claimed the Championship. Critics may say that the team had some advantages as captain Marek Larwood owned the only Volfsball equipment in existence at the time, however their brave leader said the following:

‘I am very proud that my team have won the first championship of a sport I have invented myself. Even though we had an 8-8 record it is a tremendous achievement, on a par with Steve Redgrave’s four Olympic golds and Emily Davidson’s Derby appearance. I only hope this is the start of a sporting dynasty that will be recognised in the annals of history. I would like to the thank the following players who wore the blue and white during the course of the season, and put their lives on the line to secure victory – Simon Feilder, Matt Steer, Dave McNeill, Lou Sanders, Lee Bannard, Matt Somerville, Josh Howie, Dan Louw, Jamie Glassman, Andy Wooding, Chris Sussman, Richard Morris and Matt Stronge.

It is important to realise that mediocrity can be enough to win championships. The great thing about the All Comers League, is that it puts a high premium on attendance so in many ways it is more worthwhile than any other sporting competition. I hope the Supermoons can repeat this great feat by retaining the crown next year.’

The Camden Kongs finished as runners up in the league, with the West Wirral Snakehips claiming third spot.

Team GamesWins LossDrawFAVolfsballs & DVPoints
Choke Hazard52216968410

The Supermoons will now face the Harringay Choppers in the Champions Shield match, which will hopefully be the season opener in the spring. Meanwhile, it is hoped that Volfsball can attract sponsors for a first World Championship, with a provisional date set for the tournament early June.