Volfsball MVP Crowned

Volfsball is a team sport, not one to wallow in the success of individuals. Nonetheless as the season draws to a close our judging panel has looked back over the performances over the past year and chosen the 2015 MVP. It was a season of some incredible individual games, with record setting three Volfsball scores from Tom Bell and 60 year old Mike Marsh. Then there was the offensive skills of Rob Marland and the defensive talents of Dave McNeill.

However when it came to sheer consistency of all round play there was only one winner, the Camden Kongs’ John Reed. Shooting an incredible 46% from the field throughout the season. Amassing 64 points and 34 blocks, the stats did the talking and he was awarded the MVP Crown. We were lucky enough to speak to John who told us the following:

“When a dream like this becomes not a dream, or a real dream, you look back, to what brought you here. And I think about my mother. She used to wake me up in the middle of the night with a bucket of iced water. And then she’d make me run up a hill, and down a hill, and up a hill. And make me do push ups all night. Screaming at me all night, when I was 8 years old. I wasn’t supposed to be here. She made me believe. She kept me off the streets. Bought us Star Wars and McDonald’s. When we didn’t eat because we weren’t hungry, she’d force feed us until we were sick. She went to bed hungry, she killed people, and stole from children, just for me. She’s the real MVP. Not me. Even though obviously technically it’s me whose won MVP and she’s just an old lady who can hardly throw a ball. So ok I’ve won MVP, but in a spiritual or ‘life narrative’ sense she’s the real MVP. Even if I’m the ‘real’ MVP in the sense that I’ve won the award.”

Sage words indeed from John Reed. Why not bask in his glory by enjoying this highlights video of some of his fine play.