Doppelvolfsball & Snakehips Dominate

An epic day of Volfsball which saw the debut of Dan Louw’s franchise, the Chessington Ebola Bears and a Doppelvolfsball from commissioner Marek Larwood. The West Wirral Snakehips, Harringay Choppers and Muswell Hill Supermoons joined the Bears to make an orgy of Volfsball. The Snakehips emerged from the day unbeaten and surged to the top of the league.  The Harringay Choppers, unlucky with decisions and on the receiving end of a Doppelvolfsball extended their winless run to 11 in 2016.

Highlights, the Doppelvolfsball, match reports and the table all below.


  P W D L F A VB’s/DB’s Pts
West Wirral Snakehips 11 6 1 4 132 126 7 23
Muswell Hill Supermoons 7 5 0 2 91 88 8 17
Crouch End Tigers 6 4 0 2 116 59 14 14
Balham Choke Hazard 6 3 0 3 44 69 2 12
Harringay Choppers 7 0 2 5 46 81 2 9
Camden Kongs 3 1 0 2 27 43 0 5
Bethnal Green Lanterns 2 1 0 1 26 22 1 4
Chessington Ebola Bears 2 0 1 1 20 24 1 3

Choppers v Snakehips

Tom Bell’s Choppers were seeking their first win of the season, sporting a team with two subs they set the early pace surging into a 3-1. Until the dangerous Rob Marland hit a Volfsball, and a barrage of yellow points from Marland, Utley and Wareing alike saw them end the first two thirds 12-4 up.

Just when it looked in the bag for the Choppers Captain Bell stepped up with a Volfsball 12-9 game on. But the accuracy of the Snakehips took control, and they emerged 16-10 winners.


Choppers v Ebola Bears

Debutants the Ebola Bears made an impressive start, Dean Walker McKenzie catching the eye shooting three from four as the Bears edged into a 5-4 lead. Despite controversial moments over rule infringements this was a real nail biter. Teams going point for point . Tom Bell and Dean Walker McKenzie scoring well for their teams with some great defence from the angry Dan Louw try here. It finished up 8-8 the Choppers fast becoming the draw specialists.


Snakehips v Ebola Bears

Snakehips started fast Marland, Wareing and Utley all scoring, as they went 4-2 up. The Snakehips continued to dominate Utley scoring singles before Marland hit a Volfsball 10-4. It looked all over but Walker MacKenzie replied with a Volfsball 10-9. Game on! But Rob Marland was on form for the Snakehips and they piled on the points emerging 16-12 victors.


Supermoons v Snakehips

A Supermoons team decimated by Fathers Day left Captain Marek to recruit the Choppers and former player, now Ebola Bears Captain Dan Louw to the cause. The Snakehips took advantage of an unfamiliar Supermoons team and surged into a 4-1 lead. Things stayed much the same, both teams were awarded ghost points by a dodgy scoring system and the second third ended 7-4 (incorrectly scored 8-5). Snakehips accelerated into a 13-6 lead (13-7 on the day) it looked all over then Dan Louw hit a Volfsball. 14-11 with three seconds left, Larwood had a chance to hit a Volfsball for the win, he managed just a point and it ended 14-12.


Supermoons vs Choppers

Richie Hart arrived for the Supermoons, and the Larwood, Hart, Louw combo faced Tom Bell and Tom Hall, with the Snakehips taking turns to sub in for each third. Marland was a powerful sub for the Choppers and he led them in scoring as they went 4-2 up in the first. The Choppers looked set for their first win of the year, 6-3 up then Richie Hart hit a kick 6-6. Still Choppers were looking good against a misfiring Supermoons team, leading 7-6 until Captain Larwood did the unthinkable, hitting the fabled Dopplevolfsball. The pitch erupted celebrations from all sides and a very sporting Choppers team, celebrations that lasted most of the third and it was 16-7 to the Moons with just three minutes to play. The Moons couldn’t shoot for shit in the third and the Choppers gradually eroded the score point by point, until with a minute left Tom Bell hit a Volfsball, and it was 16-14. Could this be the Choppers elusive win? No they missed a last second kick attempt.


Choppers v Snakehips

The second match up of these two sides saw the Snakehips trot off into a 3-0 lead before Tom Hall found his shooting boots bringing the Choppers back to 4-2. Corrections on the field called it 5-3 and scorer Larwood went with this despite the score being 4-2. But there was a resurgence from the Choppers as Bell, Hall and Hart clawed back into the lead, the teams going point for point. The Choppers up by one with two seconds left. Rob Marland scored the equalizer and it finished 11-11, with the Choppers now 11 games without a win.