Choke Hazard trounce Supermoons

24th July Volfsball


A hot muggy day and the clouds over the horizon were ominous for Volfsball as only two teams turned up to play. The halcyon days of seven teams in May seemed eons away. The Balham Choke Hazard faced reigning All Comers League Champions the Muswell Hill Supermoons. Simon Feilder finally returning the field for the Moons after finishing his impro class.

Choke Hazard – T. Saunders, M.Saunders, J. Hunt

Supermoons – Larwood, Bannard, Feilder


Game One


Choke Hazard surged into an early lead shooting 50% from the field, the Moons however were way off form shooting 0%, and the Hazard soon up 5-0 . The game looked over before it had even started, then Larwood having a great season shooting Volfsballs for the Moons hit one to draw them level at the end of the first third 5-5.

Two thirds into the game and James Hunt the Bloctopus hadn’t had a block yet, but was six from seven shooting from the field. Conversely the Moons were shooting one from twenty. Thom Saunders was becoming the new blocking king for the Choke Hazard with four denials. 9-5 with three minutes left.

Larwood took the first shot of the third, blammo a Volfsball, Moons led 10-9. But more single pointers from Hunt saw the Choke Hazard win. Hunt hitting nine of eleven shots, the entire Moons team hitting two from twenty eight. Yet the scoreline was just 13-10.


Game Two


More of the same in the next game, this time Thom Saunders leading the scoring with four in the first third, Mandy Saunders took an advantage of the long grass with four offensive rebounds as the Choke Hazard surged ahead 6-1, Larwood scoring in the last second to make it 6-2.

The Moons finally got things together in the second third, and 10-5 down with seconds left scored a couple and had an on target kick snuffed out by the Blocktopus, incredibly his first block of the day. 10-7.

The rally was short lived and a succession of Hazard one pointers saw them round out the game 14-7.


Game 3


Supermoons started fast out of the blocks, scoring two early points for their first lead of the day. This was short lived as Thom Saunders hit a kick, then a James Hunt follow up gave them a 4-2 lead at the third.

An early Volfsball from Mandy Saunders put Hazard up 9-2, despite a kick conversion from Feilder the Hazard were dominating 13-6 with just three minutes left to play.

In the final third Thom Saunders hit another Volfsball, and the Hazard cruised to a 19-6 victory. Leap frogging the dismal shooting Supermoons into second place in the league.