World Cup & Rule/Equipment Changes

World Cup (Not actual trophy)

                                                                     World Cup (Not actual trophy)

World Cup News

A whole raft of Volfsball news has just been released which will be of interest to no-one but Volfsball fans. Firstly the date of the World Cup was released – Saturday June 4th. This is all weather dependent and as always, final confirmation about dates will be released a couple of days before the event. Volfsball is also scheduled for May 22nd (although currently rain is forecast for this day).

The World Cup could start at roughly midday to accommodate for additional games. Following a consultation with team owners the Commissioner has declared that the entry fee will be £10. This money will go towards a shit trophy and help pay for the brand new fibreglass third prototype which will be the Volfsball Prism of the day. Each team will receive a Volfsball World Cup mug in return for their entry fee. There are also badges and T-shirts that will be available to purchase on the day for generous Volfsball fans/players.

Groups for the World Cup will be decided by the teams that confirm they are playing on the day.  A draw will take place for groups if needed. Here are some rough outlines of what the cup could look like. (If teams are placed in groups, then mixed teams will be in one group and all boy teams in the other).

Five teams – Each team plays two games against randomly selected teams, top four seeded for semi-finals knock outs.

Six teams – Two groups of three, top two in each group qualify for semis.

Seven Teams – Each team plays two games against randomly selected teams, top four seeded for semi-finals.

Eight Teams – Two groups of four, three games each, top two qualify for semis.

Nine Teams – Three groups of three – group winner goes through plus second place with closest points record.

You get the idea. League positions will be three points for a win, and one for a draw, zero for a loss. Positions decided on point difference and then number of Volfsballs.

Should there be a draw in the knockout stages, games will be decided by penalties. Three shots, each by a different player from the very outer circle. Then three shots from the inner circle. Teams flip a coin to see who goes first for the first three shots, and this is reversed for the inner circle.

Maximum squad size for the World Cup in six players. There will be no player switching allowed unless agreed by all parties.

Equipment changes

Following Joe Nunnery’s incredible Volfsball display last weekend commissioner Larwood has decided to reduce the ring size from 14 inches to 13 inches, to make it more difficult to score a Volfsball. Any existing Volfsball equipment will still be allowed (Der Goldene Volf stand). The new hoop should come into play in time for the Volfsball World Cup. Commissioner Larwood said “I sort of hate Joe Nunnery as I have had to fork out £80 for two new Volfsball hoops, but hopefully this will make games more competitive.”

Rule Changes

Each game will have an appointed referee/scorer, and an appointed timekeeper. The referee/scorer must shout out the score everytime a point is scored. The timekeeper will help keep track. All teams must take turns timekeeping and refereeing, not just let the same people do it.

There was an incident on May 8th where the referee (in this instance Commissioner Larwood) judged someone to have stepped in no-go area when blocking a shot, thus allowing a free shot. The referees decision is final. Swearing at the referee is in breach of rule one, and the referee will be able to flash the yellow card which will sin bin the player for one minute (player cannot be subbed). Further complaining after the yellow card will lead to the red card and missing a game. A yellow card can also be issued for overly aggressive play.

The yellow card and red card has been in the rules since the start of the year. Commissioner Larwood would like to remind teams that they should read the rules on the website, as there have been some disputes on the day, and when the handsome Larwood has checked the rules they were clearly there for all to see. All rule change suggestions/ammendments queries are welcome – please email

Contested possession/Jump ball – the clock will be stopped by the timekeeper, rather than having a jump ball – which favours the taller team, the two players contesting possession will be asked to give the timekeeper a number between one and a hundred. Whoever’s number is closest to the number in the hundredth of a second counter on the stopwatch will receive possession.