Team Logo Competition

The provisional date for the start of the new season is April 2nd, but in the meantime the Volfsball is proud to announce a best team logo competition. The prize is none other than a Volfsball Mug, which in a few hundred years time will have a cash value of a million pounds. League Commissioner Marek Larwood said “I have spent the past few months drinking from my Volfsball mug, and no cup of coffee tastes the same. I am sure the this prize will change the life of one if not millions of people.” He added “Anyone attempting to rig the voting will be hunted down and killed.”

Volfsball Stand Mug

Volfsball Stand Mug

The competition will run until April Fools Day when we will announce the winners. You can vote by clicking on your favourite team logo in the poll on the home page.

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