Aliens may have invented Volfsball

Alien Volfsball Pitch

Alien Volfsball Pitch

Images of crop circles has made it clear that Aliens may have been trying to teach us about the wonders of Volfsball for years. If you look closely at the above picture, which was definitely made by aliens, you can see the Volfsball pitch in the centre, and even a triangular prism and Volfsball hoop surrounding it.

Commissioner and inventor Marek Larwood said “This is concrete evidence that Volfsball is the creation of a sophisticated being of high intelligence. It speaks volumes that the first communication from other planets is an attempt to make us play Volfsball. I always new that it would be the first sport to go interplanetary.”

When asked what the extra circles meant he said “Changing room and bogs.”

Meanwhile the new Volfsball season is set to start in April (weather depending) and run through to October. Efforts are underway to find a venue for the World Championships in early June. Volfsball scientist Alan Larwood is progressing with the first polystyrene/fibreglass Volfsball prism.

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