Stonehewers hands on the Crown

11th June Volfsball

Only three teams turned up in a slightly overgrown field for another Sunday of the World’s greatest sport. The Stonehewers looking to extend their lead in the league, the ever present Supermoons welcoming the return of Lee Bannard and the Balham Choke Hazard equipped with defensive Goliath Blocktipus. Everyone was set for a day of high quality Volfsball.

Stonehewers smiling, knowing they will easily win all their games.

Supermoons vs Stonehewers

Twitter footage had shown the Stonehewers practicing before Sunday’s games, but in a tensely defensive first third the league leaders were held 2-2. A late flurry saw  them edge into the lead 5-2.

More of the same in the next third, the Stonehewers passing it round and hitting the ones, but Bannard shooting with accuracy for the Moons as they held on to within four, 10-6.

Simon Feilder taking photos as usual.

As the seconds ticked away the  Supermoons were forced to go for Volfsballs to get back into the match, but showed great consistency in missing. The Stonehewers won 14-7, of course they did.

Stonehewers vs Choke Hazard

The Blocktipus was back, the long armed behemoth of Volfsball (aka James Hunt), surely the Stonehewers would be threatened by his defensive prowess.

The answer is – yes they were, the first third ending 1-1. James Hunt nullifying the Stonehewers offence with three blocks. However poor shooting from Choke Hazard meant they failed to capitalise on this rare opportunity.

The second third saw the Stonehewers try to pass James Hunt out of position, they led 4-3 until Mandy Saunders hit a peach of a Volfsball for the Hazard. The Choke Hazard now 8-4 up. But then great offensive rebounding from Alex Stanier saw the Stonehewers hit a succession of one pointers, lmaking it 8-8 at the break.

Just second after the second period whistle went Thom Saunders hit an incredible Dopplevolfsball, unfortunately time had elapsed and a great moment in history was denied to one of Volfsball’s most popular players.

It was the final third, and as usual the Stonehewers hit their form, a barrage of early points propelled them into a 12-8 lead as they went on to win 20-11. Stonehewers totalled 9 offensive rebounds in the match. Alex Stanier top scoring with 8 from 12.

The Choke Hazard blocked the shit out of it on Sunday.

Supermoons vs Choke Hazard

Supermoons took 11 shots without scoring, largely thanks to five blocks from the Choke Hazard. But Hazard couldn’t capitalise yet again, only hitting two points in the first third. Hazard 2 – 0 Supermoons.

James Hunt had a spectacular burst of rebounding three successive shots to put the Choke Hazard into a 5-1 lead, but the Moons scored two singles to bring it back to 5-3 with a third to go.

A mediocre third followed and the Choke Hazard won 7-5. Six points, seven blocks and three offensive rebounds from Hunt.

Supermoons vs Stonehewers

Any hopes the Supermoons had of victory disappeared in the first minute as the the Stonehewers jumped into a 9-0 lead. Ben Stanier’s Volfsball helped open the floodgates and the first third ended with the Stonehewers leading 11-1. A demoralised Supermoons looked like they may concede the highest score in history.

However the Supermoons defence activated in the second third and it ended 13-2.

But soon the Stonehewers were 15-3 up, it looked all over. Larwood hit a Volfsball for the Moons 15-8. but Ben Stanier replied immediately for the Stonehewers and it remained 20-8, another victory for the league leaders.

Stonehewers vs Choke Hazard

Stonehewers were going for four our of four wins, in what would surely give them an unassailable lead at the top of the table. However Choke Hazard went 2-0 up early. But the Stonehewers put in a great mini break of points with successive rebounds and scores and ended the first third 5-3 up, Gregory Stanier shooting perfectly from the field.

Choke Hazard with Blocktopus who forgot his kit.

During most of this match some dick was flying his noisy kite dangerously close in the background however it didn’t distract Ben Stanier from hitting his third Volfsball of the day. The Stonehewers outscored the Choke Hazard 10-0 in the second third to take a 15-3 lead. He scored another, his fourth Volfsball of the day in the final third as the Stonehewers had a clean sweep, 4 win for the day, with a 21 -6 victory.

Supermoons vs Choke Hazard

Both teams demoralised by back to back defeats from the Stonehewers faced each other in perhaps the best game of the day. The Choke Hazard took an early lead but the Moons answered in a mini rally to make it 2-2. The Moons defence struggled to contain the height of James Hunt as his towering one pointers edged the Hazard into a 4-3 lead.

Hunt continued to punish the Moons with singles as they finished the second third up 8-5.

Supermoons looking well fit.

In the final third Mandy Saunders joined in the scoring assault helping push the Choke Hazard 12-9 ahead, but Feilder and Larwood played safe one point Volfsball to get back to 12-12 with seven seconds left. Choke Hazard called a time out with possession and a chance to win the game. But a misunderstanding meant Thom Saunders went for the winning shot before time had elapsed, he missed handing the Moons back possession with 1.5 seconds left. Captain Larwood went for it and finally hit a winning point, the Choke Hazard literally gifting the Supermoons a victory in the last second 13-12.


Supermoons 7 v 14 Stonehewers

Stonehewers 20 -11 Choke Hazard

Supermoons 5 v 7 Choke Hazard

Supermoons 8 v 20 Stonehewers

Stonehewers 21 v  6 Choke Hazard

Supermoons 13 v 12 Choke Hazard

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