Season Preview – Crouch End Tigers

Crouch End Tigers Team

Crouch End Tigers Team – Richard Morris, Matt Stronge and guest player Hannah Wareing

The Crouch End Tigers have only ever played one game, but still flashed enough talent to show they could be a force in 2016. We spoke to captain, and scorer of the only ever Dopplevolfsball to date, Richard Morris.

Where do you think you will finish in the league this year, what are you hopes and dreams for your team?

As a relatively new franchise, this season will be very much about finding our feet and building a strong foundation in the spirit of fast passing, sharp shooting pure Volfsball.  We fear no-one and fancy ourselves to be near the top of the league, challenging for the title when the time comes.  Matt Stronge has grown a foot taller and Joe Nunnery has beefed up over the summer.  I have the video of my Doppelvolf on a constant loop in my flat and I am feeling increasingly confident that I can recreate it on demand.

 If you don’t win the league, who will and why?

It would have to be the Kongs.  Having previously represented them before we got the funding together to set up the Crouch End Tigers, I must admit to having a soft spot for the way that Reed, Ward et al play the game.

What opposition player are you most wary of?

Dave McNeill and his golden ticket song.

Here’s a reminder of that famous moment – Richard Morris’s Dopplevolfsball while playing for the Kongs in 2015.