Journo sullies the name of Volfsball

Journalist Bruce Dessau reading his own book

Journalist Bruce Dessau reading his own book

Comedian Adam Riches’s show Coach Coach is doing sterling work at the Soho Theatre, garnering four and five star reviews. The show sees Riches play the coach of High School Volfsball team the Soho Centaurs, as they attempt to overcome long time rivals the Lizards in the Yakult Cup.

Although the sport featured in the show bears very little resemblance to the wondrous real life game, that didn’t stop journalist Bruce Dessau having a pop at the sacred sport. Dessau slandered Volfsball in his Evening Standard review, calling it ‘a daft basketball variant’.  Although he does have a point that the sport as depicted by Riches, is a weird form of basketball, it needlessly sullied the Volfsball name. Adding later in the article “I can’t see volfsball becoming an Olympic event”.

This led to the following exchange on twitter:

Twitter Exchange


Volfsball can only pity this lack of vision. On a side note, Volfsball sources witnessed Dessau arriving ten minutes late for the show he was reviewing. Maybe if he had been on time the show would have got five stars.