Even Stevens in Season Opener

Volfsball 2018 Season – 29th April 

On a damp field shrouded in dark clouds our brave Volfsball athletes took to the field yet again. A proud moment for the game as it started it’s fourth season. Many thought it was just a fly by night sport but still it soldiers on despite little interest except from those who play it.

Fitting then that the inaugural teams the Muswell Hill Supermoons and Camden Kongs played, alongside new team the Happy Friends. Who the hell are the Happy Friends? I’ll tell you mate. The big news is that the behemoth of last season the Stonehewers have split into two teams, Gregory Stanier captaining the Happy Friends, while Ben Stanier has formed the Pitshanger Panthers. We await to see what remaining Stonehewers member Alex Stanier’s plans are.

Meanwhile back to today’s games.

John Reed shows rare moment of athleticism with block.

Camden Kongs v The Happy Friends

Kongs led by David Reed with supporting cast of John Reed and Martin Cavanagh got off to a solid start against the debutant Happy Friends led by Gregory Stanier with Ben Sparrow and Jasper Bradley. The Kongs’s one point shooting gave them a 3-2 lead after the first quarter.

Gregory Stanier was doing the bulk of the shooting for the Friends and was putting them back in the game. That was until Cavanagh hit his first two shots, the second of which was a Volfsball. Giving the Kongs a 9-4 lead.

Great defensive skills from Ben Sparrow.

Buddy watched patiently from the sideline chewing a ball. He must have been pleased with what he saw. Martin Cavanagh was having a stellar game hitting 12 points (two Volfsballs) from just five shots. Gregory Stanier hit six of his 17 shots to score all the points for the Happy Friends as they fell 18-6 to the Kongs.

Supermoons v Happy Friends

Larwood narrowly misses a Doppelvolfsball.

It was time for the World Champions and Larwood Invitational Cup winners to begin their season. Simon Feilder had cancelled last minute with the excuse that it was too cold. So Marek Larwood and Lee Bannard called upon the Kongs to take turns as subs.

It was a positive start for the Moons as Larwood and Bannard shared the points as they jumped into a 4-1 lead. The long grass wet grass meant that there were sparse pickings in terms of offensive rebounds.

The Moons looked comfortable leading 5-1 until Jasper Bradley hit a nothing but net Volfsball to propel the Friends into a 6-5 lead. This reinvigorated the Friends and they led 8-7 with three minutes to play.

Larwod hit a succession of singles to give the Moons a 11-9 lead with ten seconds to spare. It looked to be all over until Ben Sparrow sneaked in a kick giving the Friends a remarkable 12-11 lead with three seconds left. Larwood went for the equalising shot and missed. A great 12-11 come from behind victory for the Friends.

Kongs Vs Supermoons

The rivalry is still alive and into it’s fourth year. Ben Stanier arrived in the field and without any other of his newly formed Panthers so joined the Supermoons for the day. The Moons played some great following Volfsball, and changed tactics to throw the Volfsball hard to try and generate some offensive rebounds. This paid off as they jumped into a 5-1 lead.

It was pretty dominate performance from the Moons, as they continued to pass round and find space. But late scoring rally from John Reed pulled the Kings back to 4-8.

But it was back to the dominate display from the Moons in the third quarter – Larwood and Bannard hitting six each in a 15-6 win.

Camden Kongs v The Happy Friends

An evenly contested start saw both teams playing better quality Volfsball. The Kongs were edging 4-2 ahead with John Reed and Martin Cavanagh finding shooting form that had deserted them in the previous match. Then David Reed caught a lovely cross field pass from Cavanagh and sank a Volfsball 9-2 Kongs at the end of the first period.

Arsehole dog attempts to destroy second ball after biting the first.

The gap increased as the Kings stretched to a 12 -2. Meanwhile some prick who couldn’t control his dog bit into an out of play Volfsball puncturing it. Commissioner Larwood sighed from the sidelines, four years into Volfsball and he is still £1,700 down.

The final third saw more of the same, the Happy Friends shooting woefully, and Cavanagh and John Reed adding the singles. All three Songs scored five points in a 15-2 victory over the Happy Friends.

Supermoons v Happy Friends

The Happy Friends seemed to like playing the Moons, as in the first thirty seconds Jasper Bradley hit a point and Gregory Stanier nailed a kick, to give then a 4-0 lead, two more points than they scored the entire previous game. The Moons clawed back to finished the first third within two 6-4.

Jasper Bradley hitting a shot.

Both teams struggled with accuracy in the next third as the Friends still led 8-6 going into the final three minutes.

Jasper Bradley continued to have an accurate game for the Friends shooting four from six. The Moons were down 11-9 with ten seconds left, Larwood went for a Volfsball but hit a one, the ball rebounded to Bannard, who tried to make the equaliser with Gregory Stanier defending in his face, Bannard missed and the Friends had beaten the Moons yet again by one point 11-10.

Kongs Vs Supermoons

A tense opening with both teams displaying some of the more accurate Volfsball of the day. The Moons leading 5-4 after the first third.

The Moons save the second third for some great Volfsball, throwing power one pointers and getting rebounds, Larwood hit his first Volfsball of the season and they were up 16-6 with three minutes to play.

John Reed splits Moons defence for a point.

A strong start to the third from the Moons with a three point kick from Larwood saw them extend their lead. However Cavanagh hit his third Volfsball of the day to give the Kings a fighting chance, but they were forced to go for Volfsballs to close the gap and another five pointer evaded them. Moons 20 – 12 Kongs. 

A great day of Volfsball saw all teams with two wins and two losses, all three teams tied at the top of the table on eight points. Six Volfsballs were scored, three of which came from Martin Cavanagh. All to play for in the All Comers League.

Camden Kongs 18 v 6 Happy Friends

Supermoons 11 v 12  Happy Friends

Kongs 6 v 15 Supermoons

Camden Kongs 15 v 2 Happy Friends

Supermoons 10 v 11 Happy Friends

Kongs 12 v 20 Supermoons