Widen my Rim please

Wider Volfsball Hoop

Wider Volfsball Hoop

In seven matches only one paltry Volfsball has been scored by throwing the ball successfully through the hoop read review. After discussions with leading Volfsball players it was decided to implement a dramatic equipment change meaning the hoop will be expanded from 12.5 inches to 14. On first reading this might seem like the most boring sports story to ever break, but it could revolutionise sport and eventually the history of mankind. The five points issued for a Volfsball or ten points for a DoppelVolfsball (kicking it through the hoop), could mean higher scoring games, which could lead to record crowds (current record is 5).

Founder Marek Larwood said “Everyone will be excited to see my new widened ring. I hope it doesn’t make it too easy, but I wanted to entice people to go for it more.”

The only question remains is whether the ring will arrive in time for Saturday’s games scheduled for 2pm. If you want to play please email volfsball@gmail.com or contact us via facebook or twitter to come down.

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