Volfsball’s New Hero

Marsh destroys allcomers

61 year old leads Germinators to shock victories


Volfsball has a new hero. The greatest sport of the 21st Century saw the greatest debut as Matthew Marsh hit Volfsballs from all over the sun stroked fields of Highgate on Saturday.

Marsh, twenty years older than any other recorded player at 61, showed Volfsball is a sport for all as he clawed victory for his previously winless side the Rhein Ruhr Germinators, with two last quarter Volfsballs to beat league leading Supermoons 16-14.

If that wasn’t enough, the Camden Kongs had no answer for Marsh as he stung them with two first quarter Volfsball’s for a 10-1 lead, adding another as the Germinators prevailed 18-10. Beaming team Captain Henning Wehn later remarked it was ‘the best day of his life’ and no-one could argue. There were chants of Matthew ‘The Canon’ Marsh from the sidelines, and everyone was in awe as the Ussain Bolt of Volfsball left the field to applause from the three onlookers.

Elsewhere the bearded wonder John Reed was on top form as his Camden Kongs smashed the Supermoons 24-12. It was the fifth consecutive loss from the slumping Moons. Captain Marek Larwood said ‘That was a load of shit.’ They very much missed Volfsball’s first star Matthew Steer who is off playing Rosencrantz in Hamlet.

Read the full reports and stats below.

Germinators 16-14 Supermoons

Kongs 24 -12 Supermoons

Germinators 18 – 10 Kongs

Here is a video of all the Volfsball’s from Saturday.