New Stand arrives as Stonehewers dominate

The New Volfsball Stand

July 9th Volfsball

A hot and humid July day saw of the arrival of the fifth ever Volfsball stand. Alex Stanier from the Stonehewers was the mastermind behind the latest incarnation. A work in progress stuck together with industrial velcro. Could Industrial velcro be the key to spreading Volfsball to the global market? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile the early season excitement for Volfsball was dwindling, as just three teams turned up again – the perennials – Muswell Hill Supermoons and Stonehewers and the reigning world champions  the Camden Kongs.

Kongs were represented by the Reed brothers John and David and had Roman (friend of the Stonehewers) join them. Larwood and Bannard were joined by Dana Haqjoo (on loan from the Germinators).

New Scoreboard


Supermoons vs Stonehewers

Supermoons were first up to lose to the Stonehewers. Larwood and Bannard both nursing horrific hangovers. Larwood who had been sick just hours beforehand could barely string a sentence together. This combination in 26 degree humid whether was enough to intimidate any side.

Incredibly the combination of hangovers and heat seemed to work as the Supermoons were on fire or at least luke warm as they rebounded everything to give themselves eleven shots to the Stonewhewers seven, this translated into a 5-2 lead.

The second third saw the return of the classic Stonehewers – Alex Stanier and Gregory Stanier combining for a triple single point play (I have no terminology for this yet). Soon the Stonehewers were up 9-8, surely all over – no. The Moons fought back to a 10-9 lead with just three minutes to go.

But the Stonehewers scored more one points in the last third and won 15-12. Everyone knew this was going to happen right? Right.

Kongs vs Stonehewers

Kongs looking for their first win of the season faced the Stonehewers who had only lost two of their twenty odd games. Stonehewers went into a 4-2 lead, but most notable from the first half was the great passing from Roman of the Kongs, which failed two materialise into points.

The Stonehewers wore the Kongs down with the passing and single point tactic, and the normally accurate John Reed wasn’t converting the one pointers, 8-5 Stonehewers with three minutes to go.

The final third was much the same lots of looping one pointers as the game slowed its pace, 16-9 final score Stonehewers.

David Reed goes for block

Supermoons vs Kongs

Time for the two old rivals to meet, the Supermoons realised their team consisted of entirely over forties and realistically they should be playing on the seniors tour.

Notably less running around from both teams as they sought to bring back the more leisurely Volfsball of yesteryear. The Moons trying some audacious kicks and moving into a 5-3 lead at the  first break.

The game continued at the opposite of breakneck speed, the Moons hitting the one pointers, David Reed seeking out the Volfsball with his shots.

The final third saw the Moons try a series of more ambitious kicks but none came off, the Kongs clawed their way back to 9-8 but it wasn’t enough.

Supermoons vs Stonehewers

A visibly exhausted Moons took the pitch while John Reed filmed the game entirely from a chair. The Stonehewers back to classic form, 6-1 up in the first third.

The second third was total annihilation, the Stonehewers hitting two Volfsballs and scoring from all over the field, 19-3, and the Moons in danger of one of the most embarrassing defeats in their history.

The Moons came back to 19-5, before Gregory Stanier hit a Volfsball, one for every player in the team, a 24-5 lead ahead of a demoralised Moons team. Surely it was all over, but Dana Haqjoo struck a Volfsball to make it 25-10. Jill Stanier, Mum of the Stanier family then subbed on, hitting a single with her first shot, 26-10. In desperate need of points Larwood then hit a Volfsball, a record equalling five Volfsballs in a game. The teams couldn’t manage any more after a drama filled final third – final score Stonehewers 26 -15 Supermoons.

Ben Stanier adds to his many Volfsballs

Kongs v Stonehewers

With the heat taking its toll, the game was being played at a snails pace. In stark contrast to the previous game this was a low scoring affair, the first third finishing at just 1-1.

The slow pace suited the Kongs and the winless side found themselves up against the odds, 5-4 with a third left.

Halfway through the final third, the Kongs were up 7-6, on course for a famous victory but Alex Stanier hit a Volfsball, killing the dreams of the Kongs who lost 11-7.

Another failed header attempt

Supermoons v Kongs

The final game of the day, both sides possibly too tired to play. The crowd excited to see what promised to be one of the most static games of Volfsball of all time.

Teams exchanged points and the Kongs led 4-3 at the first break, looking for their first win of the season.

The Moons started the second third with Dana Haqjoo finally converting one of the kicks they’d been aiming for all day, and they sustained their lead 10-7, two thirds of the way in.

But David Reed finally got the Volfsball he’d been looking for all day, which also sealed the first victory of the season for the Kongs 17-13.

Another great day for both Volfsball and mankind.

Supermoons 12 – 15 Stonehewers

Kongs 9 – 16 Stonehewers

Supermoons 9 – 8 Kongs

Stonehewers 26 -15 Supermoons,

Stonewhewers 11 v 7 Kongs

Kongs 17 v13 Moons

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