Supermoons Unveil Uniforms

Supermoons New Uniform, Marek Larwood in Supermoons kit

People thought it was the end of the world as women ran screaming through the streets, but the screams were those of excitement as Marek Larwood unveiled the Muswell Hill Supermoons new uniforms.

To the unrefined eye they looked like dark blue T-shirts painted with several layers of white fabric paint, and that eye would be exactly right.

‘They look like a child has painted them’ remarked an interviewer.

Marek replied. ‘The T-shirts were probably made in Bangladesh by children, so I thought it was only fair the numbers looked as if they were done by the same people.’

He later added that it had taken him almost two days to do them.*

Supermoons uniforms

In response to talk about what was delaying the long awaited debut of Volfsball, Marek said that the welder in question was waiting for bearings to arrive so the stand would spin properly. Apparently the welder had already ordered two but  both have been delivered to the wrong address. The Volfsball debut looks to be put back until the beginning of June, Marek is more frustrated than anyone about this.

* = Please bear in mind there was no interviewer. Marek was talking to himself.

Here is a plan of the Supermoons uniforms.

Supermoons different uniforms