Kongs Lift World Cup

Volfsball World Cup

The highlight of the sporting calendar arrived just as the sun burst from the clouds. Sunday June 5th, 364 days since the very first competitive game of Volfsball and now five teams were to contest the greatest of all sporting prizes, the World Cup. The Supermoons, Choppers, Kongs, Choke Hazard and Snakehips made up a very even field. This was also to be the debut of the new stand made from fiberglass by chief Volfsball engineer, Alan Larwood.


Muswell Hill Supermoons


Balham Choke Hazard

The teams would all play each other in a round robin with the top two in the table to meet in the final.


It was a fantastic day for sport. The Moons, Choke Hazard, Kongs and Snakehips were all in contention for the final until the very last games. Bystanders witnessed the sort of raw athleticism real sportsmen have to take drugs to achieve.


West Wirral Snakehips


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After all the teams played in a round robin, the Kongs and Choke Hazard emerged as the finalists and faced off in a tense point for point thriller. You can watch highlights and the full final in the two videos below.


A close victory, achieved by a Volfsball in the last minute, well done Camden Kongs.


Camden Kongs

Please find below individual match reports, and pts. With Tables for Stats and League at the bottom.

NamePlayedShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
John Reed
Rob Marland
James Hunt
(Choke Hazard)
Marek Larwood
Mandy Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
Thom Tuck
Lee Bannard
Tom Bell
Thom Saunders
(Choke Hazard)
Paul Duncan McGarrity
Matt Steer
Andy Utley
David Reed
Hannah Wareing
Ray Bullock Jnr


Camden Kongs 12 – 4*Muswell Hill Supermoons

 Tuck, J.Reed & D.Reed  – Larwood, Bannard, Steer

The first two thirds were a story of two players, Tuck on great scoring form hitting seven of the Kongs eight points, Larwood hitting four of the Supermoons five (although only four were counted) and contributing two blocks and a steal. 8-4 before the final third.  They went on to extend their lead to 12-4 in the third quarter.

*actual score five

Pts – Tuck 7, Larwood 4, J.Reed 4, Steer 1

Blks/Int – Larwood 6, Steer 3, J.Reed 2, D. Reed 1

Off Reb – D.Reed 2, Tuck 1


West Wirral Snakehips 16 – 5 Balham Choke Hazard

Marland, Wareing, Utley – T.Saunders, M.Saunders, Hunt

With the Crouch End Tigers missing, these two were favoured to take the title. The offense of the Snakehips met the defensive height of James Hunt. The Snakehips powered into a first third team, avoiding the large arms of Hunt, and all players scoring points. Marland rounded off the quarter with a Volfsball to lead 9-2. The second third saw James Hunt start to block but the Snakehips were fielding all their missed shots well, and at the end of the second third led 11-3. This continued into the final third, Snakehips looking stylish with a 16-5 win.

Pts – Marland 11, Utley 4, T. Saunders, Hunt 2, M.Saunders, Wareing 1

Blks – Hunt 7, Marland, Wareing, T. Saunders 1

Off Reb – Marland 3, Utley 2, Hunt 1


Muswell Hill Supermoons – 12 – 4 Harringay Choppers

 Larwood, Bannard, Steer – Bell, McGarrity, Bullock

A must win game for the Moons after a dreadful start. The Choppers were late to the field, and Tom Bell and company were again slow starters. Despite the Choppers playing with their tops off the were not distracted and Supermoons had a smashing first third. All three on target in the first 30 seconds to give them a 3-1 lead. Larwood hit four more singles and they were up 7-3 at the end of the first third. In the second third a solitary point from Steer alongside some great blocking from the curly hair maestro saw the Moons looking comfortable 8-3 up with a third to play. This is when Steer came alive as a defensive powerhouse racking up more blocks while the Moons piled on the points. Bell scored a solitary one pointer at the buzzer as it finished 12-4.

Pts – Larwood 6, Bell, Steer, Bannard 3, McGarrity 1

Blocks – Steer 6, Larwood, Bannard, Bell, Bullock, McGarrity 1

Off Reb – Larwood, Bannard 1

Topless Choppers take on the Moons

Topless Choppers take on the Moons


Camden Kongs 8 – 2 West Wirral Snakehips

D.Reed, J.Reed, Tuck – Marland, Wareing, Utley

Marland scored with the first shot of the game, but the high scoring Snakehips from match one were unlucky with shots, Marland rattling the Volfsball hoop twice. Tuck and John Reed were 100% accurate with their two looping shots a piece and the Kongs were up 4-1. The second third saw great defence from the Reed brothers, a mystified Snakehips looked shellshocked having missed 15 consecutive shots. The Kongs led 6-1, forcing the Snakehips to go for Volfsball’s in the smaller ring. Meanwhile Tuck and J.Reed racked up the  singles with David Reed blocking on the field. It ended a surprisingly low scoring 8-2, giving the undefeated Kongs a foot in the final. Incidentally it was the first game where only three players scored.

Pts – J Reed 5, Tuck 3, Marland 2

Blocks – D Reed 5, J Reed 3, Marland, Utley, Wareing 1


Harringay Choppers 6 – 13 Balham Choke Hazard

Bell, McGarrity, Bullock – T.Saunders, M.Saunders, Hunt

Both teams were desperate for a win after losing their openers, and it was Captain Tom Bell who led by example, hitting two singles and scoring a three point kick. The Choppers led 5-2 at the end of the first third, but James ‘Blocktipus’ Hunt was looking ominous in defence with five blocks in the first three minutes.

The second third Hunt took hold, hitting the second Volfsball of the tournament and adding three blocks, both the Saunders scored and the Choke Hazard were 10-5 up, despite some nice movement and passing from the Choppers. The offense defence combo of the Choke Hazard was much the same in the final third as they emerged 13-6 winners. James Hunt setting a record with 15 blocks in one game.

Pts – Bell 6, Hunt 5, T. Saunders, M. Saunders 4

Blks – Hunt 15, Bell 1, McGarrity 1

Off Reb. T.Saunders 1


Supermoons 15 – 10 Snakehips

 With both teams having won and lost a game this looked like a vital fixture for final qualification. An organised Moons team had a electric start Bannard, Larwood and Steer hitting all of their first five shots to give them a 5-0 lead. The normally seldom shooting Bannard caught fire, seeing his game totals 4 from 5. The Snakehips shooting still off from the last game. 8-2 in a great third for the Moons. The second third saw the Moons continue with great accuracy hitting 11 of their 18 shots in the first two thirds. Marland replied with a Volfsball, and it was 11-7 with a third to play.

Bannard again was a great offensive weapon for the Moons with Steer blocking the perimeter. Marland hit some singles to pull the Snakehips back, but the accuracy of the Moons proved the difference.

Pts – Marland 9, Bannard 7, Larwood 5, Steer 3, Utley 1

Blks – Steer 6, Utley 3, Larwood 2, Wareing 1

Off Reb – Bannard 1

The Blocktopus - James Hunt

The Blocktopus – James Hunt

Choke Hazard 15* -13 Kongs

 T.Saunders, M.Saunders, Hunt –  Tuck, J.Reed & D.Reed

Choke Hazard took an early lead with points from both Saunders from the field. A scoring error from Bell meant the Hazard did not have a point registered. Steady shooter John Reed helped the Kongs back into the game until an unmarked James Hunt hit his second Volfsball of the day giving the Hazard an 8-4 (in reality 9-4) lead at the first break.

The second third saw a great shooting display from Mandy Saunders and John Reed both consistently adding points. A last minute kick from Tuck meant the score was 13-11 (14-11). There was no coming back for the Kongs, as the inner perimeter defence let Hunt pick off the one pointers from the edge of the scoring zone.Final score 15-13  (16-13).

Pts – J. Reed, Hunt – 9, M Saunders – 5, Tuck – 4, T.Saunders -2

Blks – Hunt – 7, J.Reed, D.Reed – 1

Off Reb – J.Reed, Tuck -1


Snakehips 9 -9 Choppers

Needing a big win on points and results to go their way, the Snakehips came out of the blocks fast. Marland on fire shooting 5 for 5, with two blocks and an offensive rebound to help his team to an early 6-0 lead. The second third saw things on more of an even keel, both teams hit and miss with shooting, Wareing adding a couple, it looked like the Snakehips had wrapped it up, 9-2 with a third to play. Marland was no longer hitting the ones, and Tom Bell playing great defence. A bit of confusion from the Snakehips allowed McGarrity to hit a kick and a score to bring the Choppers back within one 9-8. Bullock equalised and with ten seconds left the Choppers found themselves with the ball needing a point for their first win. Marland blocked Bell’s shot, and we had our first draw 9-9. Both teams now eliminated.

Pts – McGarrity – 7, Marland – 6, Wareing, Bullock – 2, Bell, Utley – 1

Blks – Bell – 6, Marland – 4, McGarrity, Utley – 2, Wareing, Bullock – 1

Off Reb – Marland, Wareing, Bell, McGarrity – 1


Supermoons 12 – 13 Choke Hazard

A draw or a win would have been good enough for the Supermoons but a win would have put the Hazard into the final. Choke Hazard shot into an early lead. Larwood had two near misses on Volfsballs, David Reed called a penalty for Steer landing in the zone although he did not touch the ball*, the three points made it 7-3 to the. Mandy Saunders hitting three for three. The Supermoons not finding the accuracy of the previous games.

Choke Hazard looked in control the Blocktopus patrolling the perimeter, and 9-4 up. Then Bannard hit a Volfsball and we had a game on our hands. 10-9 with a third left. The winner to be assured a place in the final.

Both teams exchanged point for point, the Choke Hazard leading 13-12, when the Supermoons called a time out with possession and seven seconds left. Larwood was set for the tying shot that would put the Moons in the final. It was blocked by guess who, James Hunt, and the Hazard booked their place in the Championship match.

Pts – Hunt – 7, Bannard – 6, M.Saunders 4, Steer, Larwood – 3, T.Saunders – 2

Blks – Hunt – 4, T.Saunders, M.Saunders, Steer – 1

Off Reb – T.Saunders – 1


Kongs 13 – 7 Choppers

 Kongs just need not to lose by eight to make the final. Both teams were defending deep allowing one point specialist John Reed to take advantage with his looping shot. The Kongs taking an early 4-2 lead. The Bearded one continued to whittle away at opponents with his one pointers the Kongs up 9-5 with a third left. But the Kongs had no answer for read, who left unmarked continued to notch up the points an impressive 77% shooting from the field, showing why he won MVP last year. Kongs headed to the final 13-7 winners.

Pts – J.Reed – 10, McGarrity, Bell, Tuck – 3, Bullock – 1

Blks- D.Reed – 6, McGarrity – 2, J.Reed, Bullock -1

Off Reb – J.Reed – 1








1st Third


A real thriller. Teams exchanging one pointers with all players on the field showing great accuracy. John Reed scoring lots for the Kongs, Mandy Reed and James Hunt replying for the Choke Hazard. 7-5 at the end of the third.


2nd Third


Much the same in the second third, the defensive skills of Hunt helping the Choke Hazard edge into a 9-8 lead. This was the final everyone dreamt of.


Final Third

Early points from each team so the match on a knife edge 10-10, with just a minute remaining. It was set up for someone to make themselves the hero. That person was David Reed hitting a Volfsball to give the Kongs a 15-10 lead and help them lift the World Cup.

Pts – J.Reed – 7, D. Reed – 6, M.Saunders, J. Hunt – 4, Tuck, T.Saunders – 2

Blks – Hunt – 4, D.Reed, J.Reed, M. Saunders – 1