Henning Wehn Volfsball Ambassador

Germany’s favourite son Henning Wehn catapulted Volfsball into mainstream consciousness with his heavy plugging of Volfsball during his appearance on Radio 5’s Fighting Talk. Introduced as franchise owner of the Rhein Ruhr Germinators, Wehn rightly proclaimed Volfsball the sport of the 21st Century. Talk of the sport was greeted with mild to low level enthusiasm from Josh Widdicombe and that dancing prick Anton Du Beke.

Henning’s plug has helped his Rhein Ruhr Germinators surge up the popularity polls.

Volfsball may still be only played by about 15 people in a field in North London but it is well on the way to becoming the greatest sport in the world.

You can listen to the episode here. Plugs appear at around 8 minutes and 26 minutes.

Henning Wehn