First Ever Volfsball Games Played!

A day to remember in the history of sport, as the first and second ever Volfsball Matches took place in a field in North London. Sport creator Marek Larwood, led his Muswell Hill Supermoons to face David Reed’s Camden Kongs.

Camden Kongs Team Photo

The Camden Kongs – Gemma Whelan, Thom Tuck, David Reed

Muswell HIll Supermoons Team Photo,

The Supermoons, Matthew Steer, Marek Larwood, Dave McNeill (also substitute – Josh Howie – late for picture)


Game 1 – Muswell Hill Supermoons Vs Camden Kongs


1st Quarter – Perfect Volfsball weather greeted the Volfsball players, as they looked unburdened by the weight of sporting history. Both teams threw their meaty bodies around the circular pitch. Whelan proved a powerhouse for the Kongs, scoring the first ever point in Volfsball, Steer equalised for Moons, before Whelan replied to lead 2-1. Larwood then scored to round out the first quarter finished 2-2. There was universal shock about how tiring it was to run around for three minutes.

2nd Quarter As the second quarter begin the Supermoons began to find their stride, their No.4 the Lion haired Matthew Steer had an arm like a laser and his rocket shots coupled with McNeill and Larwood’s defence propelled them to a 6-3 half time lead.

First Ever Volfsball Games, Supermoons defend againsy Camden Kongs

David Reed not intimidated by man mountain Larwood

Third Quarter

Josh Howie came off the subs bench for the Moons, as Dave McNeill became scorekeeper, immediately causing his team a disadvantage by believing the score to be 5-3. Steer’s and Larwood were on target for the Supermoons, but Whelan and Tuck answered for the Kongs. The quarter ended 8-5, with still no one having scored a Volfsball (worth 5 points)


Fourth Quarter

Top Scorer Steer headed to the bench for McNeill, this was a chance for the Kongs to get back on terms. Tuck pulled them within two with a prism score, but two hits from Larwood saw the Moons pull into a 10-6 lead. Then tragedy, as a twisted ankle threatened to take Whelan out of the game, but her bravery knows no bounds as she insisted on playing on. Slaphead Larwood again struck to extend the lead to 11-6. The Kongs needed to throw the ball through the hoop for a Volfsball to pull level. Despite a late score, the Supermoons defence held tight giving them an 12-7 victory. Everyone agreed Volfsball was the winner!

Dave McNeill summed the day up perfectly – “It was hard, it was fast, it was sweaty. It was Volfsball.



Final Score : Supermoons 12-7 Kongs

Video to follow shortly.

First Ever Volfsball Game, Muswell Hill Supermoons defend Camden Kongs,

Supermoons defence holds strong.

NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff Reb
Marek Larwood
Dave McNeill
Matt Steer
Josh Howie
Gemma Whelan
Thom Tuck
David Reed

Game 2 – Supermoons 19 -10 Kongs

Steer, Howie and McNeill started for the Moons and threatened to over power their rivals early on, surging into a 4-1 lead by the end of the first quarter. McNeill strayed into the no go area twice, but the Kongs couldn’t capitalise with their free shots. A revived Kong team surged back to 6-5 led by the shooting of Whelan, but Volfsball’s brightest star Matt Steer was powering home point from every angle, and soon the moons were back up 10-6. All looked lost until Tuck’s mighty boot connected with a shot giving them three points and bringing them back into the game 10-9.

Sadly for the Kongs, this was the last of the resistance as led by defensive powerhouse McNeill the Moons ground down the Kongs, and were victorious again 19-10.