Choppers add mascot to boost popularity

Snowy Harringay Station Cat

Snowy Harringay Station Cat

In a bid to win the Volfsball popularity stakes, the Harringay Choppers have recruited Snowy, the Harringay Station Cat as their new mascot. Snowy, who at the time of writing has 1,361 twitter followers, could lead the Choppers to worldwide notoriety.

Choppers Captain Tom Bell said “Securing Snowy the Harringay Station Cat as mascot for 2017 is a huge boost for the Choppers and a real sign of our ambitions as a club. With our complete lack of any charity work in the community it was important that we attached an animal to our brand to appear more palatable to the public and especially the competitive Asian market. This is a deal we’ve been hoping to make ever since a stray dog joined us for a popular team photo back in 2016 and I’m delighted for the club that we made it happen.

I can’t wait to introduce snowy’s over 1,000 followers to the highs and many lows of the coming season!

PS – Also I’d like to point out this is in no way a direct response to the popularity of Buddy the Dog in the mannequin challenge. Actually I shouldn’t have said that. Because now it seems like it is. Which it’s not.”

Currently the Choppers are the second most popular team in terms of twitter followers after the oldest Volfsball franchise the Muswell Hill Supermoons. When asked to explain the Supermoons popularity, captain Marek Larwood said – “it is mainly people who have mistakenly followed us thinking we are something to do with astronomy, and we normally lose a few when we tweet something about dog dicks“.

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