West Wirral Snakehips 13 ­- 8 Harringay Choppers

Report by Rob Marland


West Wirral and Harringay clashed for the second time that day, with the Choppers seeking
their first win while the Snakehips looked to bounce back from a stomping by the Tigers.

First Third

The captains squared off at the dawn of the third. Within seconds, Tom Bell hooked one over
Marland to give the Choppers their first lead of the season. Marland replied moments later,
but Bell tickled his tasty rebound into the long grass. Later, Utley tried to convince the ref he
had been fouled by lying down and shaking like he’d been tazed, but that guff don’t play in
Crouch End. At the end of the third the score was level 2­-2, although the Snakehips were
credited with an extra point on the day.

Second Third

The second third saw looser play, with missed shots galore and Marland continually
attempting those midair catch­and­throw shots that have literally never paid off. But no
matter: he launched the ball through the hoop for the first volfsball of the game. A lovely
passage of play resulted in a string of one pointers and with one third of volfsball remaining
the score stood at 11-­4 to the Snakehips.

Third third

The Choppers threatened a comeback as newcomer Ray Bullock found his form with one-
pointers and rebounds. The Snakehips had no answer, and resorted to taking the piss with
the shot clock. A volfsball attempt from Bell that could have rocketed the Choppers back into
the lead clattered off the rim. With seconds to play, Bullock also chanced his elbow at the big
5. No dice. The Snakehips won 12-­8 (13-­8 on the day).

 ShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Rob Marland (Snakehips)1553390.6601
Andy Utley (Snakehips)822520.25130
Hannah Wareing (Snakehips)512010.2000
Tom Bell (Choppers)1033030.3000
Paul McGarrity (Choppers)412510.25100
Ray Bullock (Choppers)845040.5010