Woman Gives Birth to Entire Volfsball Team

Proud Mum with Triplets

Proud Mum with Triplets

A new mother was jubilant at giving birth to triplets. Doctors on the scene reported that after the last push the first thing she said was “This is a dream come true, I now have my very own Volfsball team.”

The identity of the woman and the story itself is unconfirmed, however it is rumoured that she managed the great feat by wearing a Volfsball T-Shirt and drinking out of a Volfsball mug when attempting to conceive.

An unnamed scientist said “This is just proves what a phenomenon Volfsball is. It empowers those involves to make impossible dreams come true.”

Volfsball Commissioner Marek Larwood said he was surprised by the news, mainly because he had only sold about three mugs. He added that he hoped this had a positive impact on sales.