Volfsball Beats Putin

While the rest of the world of Sport was shaken by the Russian doping Olympic sabotage revelations Volfsball stood tall. Founder Marek Larwood said “there is no drugs testing in Volfsball, but there are stringent measures to prevent dickheads playing, apart from myself of course.”

He urged the rest of the sporting world to take up the ‘no drugs tests, no dickheads’ policy, so the Russians can’t cheat, people like Ronaldo can’t play football and those with next to no personalities can continue to impose themselves on the public long after their sporting careers have ended on programmes like ‘A Question of Sport’.  He added “Only then will everyone be able to enjoy sport, and the people who were dicks at school won’t go on to become overpaid sporting millionaires.”

Volfsball again proving it is way ahead of every other sport and deserving of it’s place as the greatest sport of the 21st Century.

Putin beaten by Volfsball

Putin beaten by Volfsball

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