Tight at the top

Inclement weather hit the Volfsball field. But the showers soon past and the players were just left with wet balls to contend with. Four teams made it to the field today. Gregory Stanier was supposed to be revising for his GCSEs but got his priorities right in coming to Volfsball instead with his league leading Happy Friends. A small KilBonez squad was there, as were the season’s stalwarts the Supermoons and Tramsmashers, with veteran Lee Bannard making his first appearance of the season for the Moons.

The real hero of the day was Hew Ingram, for buying two new Volfsballs and donating them to the depleted stock.

Somerville sneaks the ball from the KilBonez with a deft kick.

Kilbonez  v Happy Friends

The Happy Friends with Ben Stanier lining up as super sub alongside Gregory Stanier and Hew Ingram started strong with conservative Volfsball. Going for simple loops and accuracy, and soon found themselves with a 6-2 lead.

The Kilbonez all or nothing shooting tactics weren’t working, and Ben Stanier was dominating from the field in accuracy, rounding off the second third with a kick for a 13-2 lead. Ben added another kick in the final third and it was an easy win for the now five game undefeated Friends against a lacklustre KilBonez 16-3.

Moons v Tramsmashers

A tightly contested first half as Ben Stanier joined Larwood and Bannard for the Moons. Last sesssion’s Volfsball Rookie of the Week Michael Hannon and Irena Arslanoa played alongside Captain Richard Somerville. It was a fast paced entertaining start with the Moons edging it 4-3.

The Moons failed to score in the next third, and good play by Hannon gave them a 6-4 lead. Then in the final third it went mental. The Tramsmashers were 7-4 up, Ben Stanier hit a Volfsball to give the Moons a 9-7 lead, then Michael Hannon immediately replied 12-9 Tramsmashers. With his next shot Ben Stanier hit another Volfsball to put the Moons ahead 14-12. But the Smashers clawed back to 14-14. Then  Ben Stanier hit his third Volfsball of the third, which eventually broke the opposition. The Moons victorious 19-15.

Happy Friends v Tramsmashers

Things were pretty even in the first third as the Happy Friends looked for their sixth consecutive league win, but the Tramsmashers had other ideas, a Richard Somerville Volfsball giving them a 7-3 lead.

Then there was another third where it went Volfsball crazy. Somerville hitting his second of the day before Ben Stanier replied with his fourth of the day. Still with a 14-9 lead the Tramsmashers saw Hannon hit yet another Volfsball. Tramsmasher ended the third up 20-9 poised to end the Happy Friends Unbeaten streak,

Remarkably there were no scores in the final third and the Tramsmashers picked up a fine win.

Kilbonez continue trash talk with message for the Choke Hazard in the highlights

Kilbonez  v Moons

The Kilbonez seemed to abandon their Volfsballs only tactics and it paid off, Matt Skillington leading the charge of singles as they eeked a 4-3 lead.

The pressure continued the new single shooting Kilbonez up 8-5, then John Collins hit a Volfsball in the final third to give his team a vital victory 15-8.

Moons v Happy Friends

The Moons drafted in Dom Herd to face the Happy Friends, who has played some of his best Volfsball as a Moons sub this year. He immediately hit a Volfsball to give them the lead, but Ben Stanier replied as usual. However the Moons were up 7-6 at the first third against their bogey team in recent seasons.

It looked like the Happy Friends were going to take control after a nice kick from Ben, but Captain Larwood was finally hitting some form in a poor season and scored a Volfsball and some singles to put the Moons up 15-11. Another Volfsball from Bannard meant that all players had hit a Volfsball for the Moons helping them to a 21-12 victory.

Kilbonez  v Tramsmashers

Michael Hannon proved he might be challenging for the MVP spot with a storming first third for the Tramsmashers, scoring a Volfsball among seven points as they strode into a 7-1 lead. The Kilbonez appeared to have abandoned their one point strategy that served them so well in the previous match.

Hannon and Somerville put two more Volfsball on the board and the Kilbonez were getting annihilated 22-2.

The final third saw the Kilbonez avoid the worst score of all time but great team play from the the Tramsmashers saw them win convincingly 24-4


Another great day of Volfsball, with Volfsballs flying in from all corners. All five teams at the top of the league are still in contention with everything to play for in the greatest sport of all time.

Kilbonez 3 v 16 Happy Friends

Moons 19 v 15 Tramsmashers

Tramsmashers 20 v 9 Happy Friends

Kilbonez 15  v 8 Moons

Moons 21 v 12 Happy Friends

Kilbonez  4 v 24 Tramsmashers