The Champions Shield

The Champions Shield is contested between the winner of the All Comer’s League and the Larwood Invitational Cup. It is supposed to be the season opener but has yet to be played on opening day due to teams being shit and not turning up.

Champions Shield

2018 – Stonehewers 19 v 14  Muswell Hill Supermoons

2017 – Muswell Hill Supermoons 17 v 9 Camden Kongs

2016 – Harringay Choppers 9 v 4 Muswell Hill Supermoons

Stonehewers win 2018 Shield

Moons celebrate Champions Shield victory

2017 Champions Shield Report

Time for the first silverware of the season, as last years league winners the Supermoons faced the Larwood Invitational Cup winners the Camden Kongs.

The Kongs started the strongest, John Reed hitting his textbook one pointers as they led 4-2, the Moons yet to show the flowing style they had displayed earlier in the day.

The Moons returned to their earlier form as led by Larwood they played the Kongs at their own game, hitting the conservative ones, leading 8-7 at before the final break (although this was scored 7-7 on the day).

The Moons continued to press in the last third. Both teams nervous with the thought that the winner would become the team with the most trophies in Volfsball. The Moons superior shooting accuracy put them up 12-9 with seconds left. Feilder hit his first Volfsball of the season to give the Moons the Charity Shield 17-9 (scored 16-9 on the day).

choppers lift shield

Choppers lift 2016 shield

2016 Champions Shield Report

What should have been the season opener, now took place right at end of the season. The Choppers took an early lead as the Supermoons displayed another episode of their shooting woes from recent weeks. 3-1 at the first third. Choppers pressed ahead in the second third, up 6-1 thanks to some diabolical shooting from the Supermoons. A fight back in the final third was not on the cards and the Choppers won the shield with a 9-4 victory.