Supermoons Win League Stonehewers take Shield


September 23rd Volfsball

The penultimate Volfsball of the year looked to be touch and go, but a rain storm cleared and we were left with a beautiful afternoon to play the sport of the Gods.

Champions Shield

Supermoons vs Stonehewers

What was supposed to be the season opener (the Larwood Cup champions vs League Winners) had been slightly delayed. Moons Captain Marek Larwood had to draw on Thom Saunders and Richard Sommerville to play against the Stonehewers.

Moons took an early 5-2 lead with some great defence from Thom Saunders (on loan from Choke Hazard). But they fell apart in the next third and a Ben Stanier Volfsball put the Stonehewers ahead 13-6.

It looked to be all over but Richard Somerville hit a Volfsball to put the Moons back in it, but they fell 19-14. The Stonehewers lifting the Champions Shield.

Killbonez v Choke Hazard

In a replay of the World Championship semi finals both teams seemed to be adopting a safe play looping Volfsball technique. The Choke Hazard more successful in the first third and led 4-3.

Things changed when John Collins entered the fray hitting a Volfsball with his first shot to put the Kilbonez up 8-5. This was the excitement we were used to when we see the Kilbonez play. Ryan Howes and Ben Saunders led with singles for their respective teams, and it was 11-9 Kilbonez with three minutes to play in a close run affair.

With seconds left it was 14-14, Thom Saunders hit a single point to give the Choke Hazard a 15-14 lead. KIlbonez called a time out and John Collins missed the final shot handing Hazard the win. (It was actually 16-14 Choke Hazard when inspecting video footage).

John Collins lines up a Volfsball for the Kilbonez

DNCH v London Nobodies

Another new team DNCH (Definitely not Choke Hazard) faced the London Nobodies (the team of people from random teams). It was a tall order for DNCH on their debut as the Nobodies were essentially  the Stonehewers team with Hew Ingram.

The DNCH showed some nice flair with some round the back passes from Eric Lau, but a Volfsball from Ben Stanier and first ever Volfsball from Hew Ingram saw the Nobodies surge into a 16-4 lead with three minutes to play.

Just when things seemed all over Danielle Adam scored a debut game Volfsball, only for Gregory Stanier to reply with one of his own, final score 13-25.

Claire about to receive pass for DNCH.

Kilbonez v Tooting Tramsmashers

The Tramsmashers had Larwood and Hunt on loan from the Supermoons and Choke Hazard respectively to join Richard Somerville in the hunt for their debut win. It was a defensive affair early on with Kilbonez edging into a 4-3 lead.

Dom Herd came on and hit a Volfsball with his first shot to give the Kilbonez a big lead, but Larwood led a fightback with a succession of ones. 11-7 with three minutes to play.

The Volfsball proved to be the difference as the Kilbonez won 13-10.

DNCH v Choke Hazard

Deemed ‘The Incest Bowl’ on social media, the Choke Hazard faced the team they spawned ‘Definitely not Choke Hazard’ in this much anticipated match. It was not to disappoint in an electric third of Volfsball, Thom Saunders hit a Volfsball to give the Choke a 7-2 lead, and for the second time today there was an immediate reply from Eric Lau to pull it back 7-7. A succession of single points from Claire Press propelled DNCH into an early 10-7 lead.

But the James ‘Blocktopus’ Hunt used his single point shooting to slowly pull the Choke Hazard back into contention and they were victorious 15-12.

Nobodies vs Kilbonez

Again a Nobodies (pretty much Stonehewers) side faced the Kilbonez and in a slow first third the Nobodies edged 3-1 ahead.

It looked to be all Nobodies until the Volfsmaster Ryan Howes was back to his usual antics and a Volfsball made it 7-7 with three minutes left.

Things were tense, it was about 8-8 when Tom Pitts hit a Volfsball to give the Kilbonez the lead. Then yet again (third time today) there was an immediate reply, Ben Stanier scoring another to equalise, Gregory Stanier hit one more late on and the Nobodies ran out 20-13 winners.

DNCH vs Tramsmashers

Both sides looking for their inaugural win, but the Tramsmashers boasting subs Hunt and Larwood from experienced teams.

A tense low scoring affair until Larwood hit a kick to put the Tramsmashers up 6-3, this was followed shortly after by a Volfsball from James Nicoll. 8-6 DNCH at the first break.

Richard Somerville recovers a ball

Great all round play despite being at a huge height disadvantage saw DNCH extend their lead 13-7. The Tramsmashers tried to come back with a mini rally in the final third but it was the DNCH who registered their first victory 14-11.

Nobodies vs Choke Hazard

The Nobodies, who were really starting to feel like the Stonehewers, dominated play early on jumping into a 7-1 lead until with the last shot of the game Alex Stanier blocked a shot from Eve Saunders, it was deemed by referee Larwood that the back of his foot crossed into the no-go zone. Although there was some dispute, video footage shows that the astute Larwood was definitely right. Eve stepped up and nailed the Volfsball to make it 7-6. Game on!

Ben Stanier immediately scored his fourth Volfsball of the day with first shot of the second period, Gregory added another but then Thom Saunders who seems to have rediscovered his shooting form late on the season gave the Choke Hazard some hope with a Volfsball reply. 20-13 with three minutes remaining.

It finished 24-16, and the last third was pretty boring.

Kilbonez V DNCH

John Collins set the Kilbonez off to a great start with a Volfsball with his first shot of the game again, but DNCH rallied to bring it back to 5-4. The Kilbonez were continuing with their tactics to go for the ambitious shots and it paid off with Dom Herd hitting a kick, to give them  10-4 advantage at the first break.

Dom Herd was on fire and he hit another Volfsball to give the Kilbonez a big lead, DNCH clawed it back with a succession of singles and it was 16-8 two thirds of the way in.

Ryan Howes added another Volfsball for the resurgent Kilbonez and it was a resounding 24-12 victory.

Tramsmashers v Choke Hazard

In s tense first third the teams went point for point 4-4 as the sun fell behind the trees leaving the whole pitch in shade.

In a poor second third of Volfsball only two points were scored courtesy of James Hunt giving the Choke Hazard a 6-4 lead.

Ben Stanier subbed on for the Tramsmashers and with 9 seconds left and down 9-4 hit a Volfsball to give the Tramsmashers their first ever win in dramatic fashion 10-9.

Final Table

And so the Muswell Hill Supermoons win the All Comer’s League for a third time taking the crown back from the Stonehewers whose decision to split into three teams may have cost them in the long run. The Kilbonez take the runner’s up spot after a great first season and the London Nobodies come from nowhere to take third.

If anyone is still reading the final Volfsball of the season will take place weather permitting on 13th or 14th October. The Larwood Invitational Cup, also we will be playing for the Hot Shot Certificate – £1 entry half goes to the winner half towards next season’s trophies. If you enjoy following Volfsball any donations to help the sport and cover costs would be gratefully received.

Muswell Hill Supermoons11704185145625
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Pitshanger Panthers640210685914
Choke Hazard Logo, Volfsball TeamBalham Choke Hazard721494107512
Stonehewers LogoStonehewers3300602819
Camden Kongs4202514348
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Tooting Tramsmashers5104526537
Harringay Choppers1001101511
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Champions Shield

Supermoons 14 vs  19 Stonehewers

All Comers League

Killbonez 14 v 16 Choke Hazard

DNCH 13 v  25 London Nobodies

Kilbonez 13 v 10 Tooting Tramsmashers

DNCH  12 v  15 Choke Hazard

London Nobodies 20 -13 Kilbonez

DNCH 14 v 11 Tramsmashers

Nobodies 24 -16 Choke Hazard

Kilbonez 24 – 12 DNCH

Tramsmashers 10 v 9 Choke Hazard