Supermoons – Season Preview

Muswell Hill Supermoons Volfsball Cup Team

Muswell Hill Supermoons Volfsball Cup Team

The Muswell Hill Supermoons, inaugural Volfsball team, were crowned All Comers League Champions in 2015. We spoke to captain and Volfsball Commissioner Marek Larwood about the 2016 season (I say ‘we’, this interview is a man in the twilight of his thirties talking to himself).

Do you think you can retain the All Comers League Title?

Like the second album, the second season is notoriously difficult. After scaling such sporting heights it can sometimes be hard for champions to seek the motivation to win it all again, plus our alarming six game losing streak towards the end of the season is a real worry. Some traitorous members of our team such have expressed desires to go and form their own squads (Dan Louw – Chessington Ebola Bears, Josh Howie – some Jewish team), which could really hit our bench.

However we hope to have early trail blazer Matthew Steer back, who we lost to a theatre run mid season. Also there’s the added advantage of the fact that I own the Volfsball stand, so should be able to play in most games, provided I can rustle up two friends, which has been a depressing struggle at times.

What about the World Championships?

These are set to coincide with my 40th birthday, so it would be great to start the second half of my life as a World Champion. I think the Chmapionships are all for the taking, but the team who brings about four or five players should benefit, as after playing more than a couple of games a day fatigue will start to set in. If we don’t win I would like to see a mixed team win as it is good for the sport and humanity in general.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the absolute tolerance of performance enhancing drugs which could really give a team the edge.

What players should you watch out for?

Kongs player John ‘Hairy Octopus’ Reed, has been a constant thorn in our side. He gradually breaks you down with his one pointers, and is startlingly accurate. Matthew Marsh, the 60 year old Germinators player, had an incredible debut, five Volfsballs in two games. Also don’t lend your trainers to James Rowland as he managed to absolutely ruin mine over two games.

Any other exciting news?

Yes, the Supermoons have launched their own website . A pointless exercise I did while bored and unemployed. Hopefully it will feature player interviews and horrifically biased match reports that I can’t put on the main site. We also updated our logo, this took me two days on an outdated paint programme, now it looks slightly less as though some drew it with their left hand.

We were delighted to reach over 100 twitter followers, mainly because people thought we were tweeting about real Supermoons.

If you miss the old logo, there are still some terrible mugs available in the shop.

Follow the Supermoons on twitter @thesupermoons, on facebook here and also the Supermoons are instagram and youtube channel.