Supermoons Publicity Stunt A Success

Many millions of Volfsball fans were asking why the inaugural Volfsball team the Muswell Hill Supermoons didn’t field a team at last weekend’s games. They got their answer last night as they launched a subtle publicity stunt to help them become a global sports franchise – the Blood Red Supermoon.

Team owner Marek Larwood said “Obviously working out the science stuff was hard as most of us only had GCSE’s in physics, and we felt it was worth stepping away from Volfsball for a week to focus on getting it right.”

They certainly did with the Blood Red Lunar Eclipse being photographed and becoming the main media story across the globe. Marek said “It was successful beyond our wildest dreams, we managed to get 17 more twitter followers. Obviously some of these will leave when we start talking about dog dicks again, but today we are just going to savour our new found popularity”.

It was a real statement of intent to put Volfsball on the map, and it remains to be seen what their rivals will do to reply to this stroke of PR genius.

Supermoon Las Vegas

Supermoon Las Vegas