Supermoons’ Bannard Crippled By Insect Bite

Supermoons’ number 7, Lee Bannard, has been forced into temporary retirement, thanks to a series of crippling insect bites.

Lee Bannard Muswell Hill Supermoons Volfsball

Lee Bannard before his first game

Just two games into his career, Bannard was struck by five bites, and left unable to walk. Luckily after 48 hours on antibiotics there were some signs of a recovery. Below is an image of one of the bites, viewers of a sensitive nature should stop reading the article at this point.

Lee Bannard insect bite Volfsball game

Lee Bannard insect bite from Sunday’s Volfsball games

Bannard said “I’ve got five of these f**kers.” However there was some encouragement to be had from his official statement. “I’d like to thank all of my Supermoons teammates and fans for their support during my time on the sidelines. The medical team say my recovery is ahead of schedule and I’m looking forward to making it back onto the Volfsball pitch as soon as possible.”

Volfsball would like to wish this brave warrior the best with his recovery.