Supermoons 2017 World Champions


World Championships 2017 – July 30th

An overcast day, but spirits were high as five teams arrived to compete for the most coveted trophy in sport, Mandy Saunders had baked some delicious crispy things, the Stonehewers brought their chocolate snacks but who would bring the skills to win the crown?

It was decided that all teams would play each other once in a round robin and the two that were top of the league would progress into the final for the trophy and respect of mankind.

Entrants – Balham Choke Hazard, Camden Kongs, Harringay Choppers, Muswell Hill Supermoons and Stonehewers.

Game 1 – Stonehewers vs Kongs

The World Champions Kongs were defending their crown, and had a sick John Reed in their line up, accompanied by Captain David Reed, Martin Cavanagh and super sub all the way down from Wakefield to play – Natalie Wood. Well done Natalie, there should be a special prize for this.

They faced the Stonehewers who had only lost two of their 22 games this season, a 91% win rate, and heavily fancied for Championship. They had newly emblazoned names and numbers on their kit, making them the best dressed team in Volfsball.

Both teams spent the first quarter finding their feet, the Stonehewers yet to find their rebounding stride, but wasteful shooting from the Kongs saw them 1-2 down.

The second third saw Natalie Wood sub on for David Reed, but the Kongs couldn’t hit a shot. On the other side Gregory Stanier was on fire, shooting eight from nine with four offensive rebounds as the Stonehewers surged into a 12-1 lead.

John Reed found his accuracy for the Kongs in the final third but it was too late, a 13-5 victory for the Stonehewers.

Game 2 – Choppers vs Choke Hazard

Next up Tom Bell’s team of reprobates – Paul Duncan McGarrity, Tom Watts and Tobias faced the classic Choke Hazard line up of Thom Saunders, Mandy Saunders and James ‘The Blocktipus’ Hunt.

Mandy Saunders led the way in the first third shooting three from four as the Choke Hazard powered into a 5-2 lead.

Choppers shooting was all over the place in the second third, and despite some great blocking from Tobias they failed to capitalise – Choke Hazard up 8-3 with a third to go.

Choke Hazard looked comfortable after Mandy Saunders hit a Volfsball, the Blocktipus had six blocks as the Balham team dominated 17 – 4. Mandy Saunders top scoring with 11 points.


Game 3 – Stonehewers vs Supermoons

Time for the Supermoons first game, while the Stonehewers were looking for a second win and a foot in the finals.

Simon Feilder had pulled out sick with a made up back twinge, so Matt Somerville who hadn’t played since 2015 stepped in for the Moons alongside stalwarts Marek Larwood and Lee Bannard.

Ben Stanier attempt an audacious through the legs shot that passed between his legs and Captain Larwood’s, but the Moons were in no mood for showboating as Larwood hit a Volfsball with the Moons first shot of the game. 5-0 up, could this be the big upset of the Championships. The Stonehewers put a point on the board and the Moons continued to miss Volfsballs but retained the 5-1 lead.

The second third saw more good play from Gregory Stanier as the Stonehewers pulled back to 8-5. Matt Somerville doing some fine blocking for the Moons.

The great defence from the Moons continued and they went on to give the Stonehewers only their third defeat of the season in a 10-6 victory throwing the World Championships wide open.

The Volfsball that led to the shock victory over the Stonehewers.

Game 4 – Kongs vs Choke Hazard

The Kongs had a tough opener and needed to win against stiff opposition in Balham Choke Hazard. The game started with both girls getting their teams on the scoreboard. The in form Mandy Saunders for Choke Hazard and Natalie Wood for the Kongs. There was little to separate the teams until David Reed hit a Volfsball, giving the Kongs a 7-4 lead.

In the second third there was again great defence from Thom Saunders and the Blocktipus, but they could not score for shit. Kongs up 11-5 (scored 10 -5 on the day – due a ball hitting the leg then the stand – if the ball bounces off the leg then hits the stand it counts as a point – but if it hits the rim first it does not)

The Kongs looked to be comfortable until James Blocktipus Hunt hit a Volfsball and suddenly it was 12-11 (actually 13-11), but steady accurate ones from the Reed brothers and Martin Cavanagh  saw the Kongs close out the game 18-13.

Game 5 – Supermoons vs Choppers

The Choppers looking for their first win started incredbily, 6-0 up with Tom Bell and Paul Duncan McGarritty scoring and rebounding their own shots, the Moons looked in real trouble until Larwood hit a Volfsball, but the Choppers ended the first third 9-6.

The second third saw great Volfsball, Tobias and Lee Bannard shooting perfectly from the field for their respective teams, and the Moons clawed back to 13-13. Tense stuff.

It continued in the final third, the game of the tournament so far, teams swapping the lead in a bevy of one pointers. With 30 seconds left at 17-17 Larwood had the ball, the Choppers believing he was going to shoot clustered round him, freeing up Bannard on the other side of the pitch to receive a long pass. He hit the single and the Moons were up 18-17. Paul Duncan McGarrity then missed his shot giving the Moons possession to score and win 19-17 in a thrilling game.


Halfway Stage

At the halfway stage in the tournament it was still all to play for. The Moons having a great start. Three wins would guarantee a team a place in the final, with any ties being settled by points difference and then Volfsballs.

Game 6 – Stonehewers vs Choke Hazard

A crucial match between two teams fancied to make the final, but both coming off surprise losses.

It was the Blocktipus James Hunt who came out firing, shooting five from seven while the Stonehewers struggled to deal with the height of the Choke Hazard and missed all eight of their shots, a 6-0 Stonehewers lead.

The second third saw a superlative defensive display from the Choke Hazard, Thom Saunders with some great blocks. The passing of the Stonehewers couldn’t break down the deep defending of their Balham Rivals. 9-2 at the end of the second third.

The Stonehewers were forced to shoot for Volfsballs as the Choke Hazard continued to hit points. Ben Stanier, the leagues MVP candidate only one from fifteen from the field as the Choke Hazard won 15-3 handing the league leading Stonehewers their biggest ever loss in a great all round display of Volfsball.

Game 7 –  Supermoons vs Kongs

Time for the old rivals to face each other. A win would put the Moons in the final. As usual it was the point scorers Larwood and Reed hitting the ones  for their respective teams as the Moons led 3-2 at the first break.

In a poor third of Volfsball the Kongs accelerated into a 7-3 as the Moons failed to score with an abysmal display of shooting.

It was too much for the Moons to come back from, as the Kongs won 9-7, Larwood accounting for all seven of the Moons points. Now three teams – Kongs, Moons and Choke Hazard were on two wins.

Game 8 – Stonehewers vs Choppers

Both teams needed a win to avoid elimination, the Stonehewers in their last match needed a win with high points difference and results to go their way. The Choppers needed to win this match and their final match and hope to also go in on points difference.

Tobias adopting a shouting in people’s face tactic, which on reflection may be considered unsportsmanlike conduct in future games. The height advantage of Paul Duncan McGarrity and Tobias was really beginning to make a difference as the fast starting Kongs were 6-1 up.

This continued in the second third the height of Tobias and Paul unstoppable. Even a great block by Alex Stanier somehow span back and hit the stand, it just wasn’t the Stonehewers day, the Choppers now 11-4 up.

The block that bounced onto the stand

Yet again the Stonehewers were forced to go for Volfsballs, they had led the league with 18 in 22 games this season. But despite near misses it wasn’t to be, no Volfsballs on the day. Choppers got a famous 15-6 victory and the hot favourites the Stonehewers were eliminated.

Game 9 – Choke Hazard v Supermoons

Both teams on two wins knowing that another victory would guarantee themselves a place in the final, and with the Stonehewers out a great chance for silverware.

A slow first third saw all three Choke Hazard hits points as they jumped into a 4-2 lead. The second third again saw poor shooting from both sides who had played better Volfsball on the day, but the Choke Hazard were 7-5 and looking for a place in their second consecutive World Cup Final.

In the final third the Moons pulled level and during some scoring confusion Larwood stole the ball to score, the scorers said 9-7 up (in fact in was actually 8-7). This had an effect as the game was scored 10-8 instead of 9-8 forcing the the Choke Hazard to go for a kick in the last second rather than a drawing point.  Moons win and were in the final.

Game 10 – Kongs vs Choppers

Three teams were still alive going into the last game. The Kongs needed to win to make the final, the Choke Hazard had the best points difference so the Choppers needed to win by about 30 points. So Choke Hazard were hoping for a Choppers slim win.

Tom Bell kicked off the scoring literally with the first kick of the day and the Choppers were into a 3-1 lead.

In the second third David Reed hit his second Volfsball of the day, the Kongs were up 7-4 looking towards the final. But the plucky Choppers who had found their form late in the competition fought back with great offensive rebounding from Tom Watts and with a third to go it was 8-8.

A majestic kick from Bell helps knock out the Kongs.

At 10-9 there was all to play for, exciting Volfsball. Paul Duncan McGarrity, who had a great last couple of matches, hit a Volfsball giving the Choppers a 15-9 lead. The Kongs tried to hit Volfsballs but it was too late. The Choppers won and it was a Moons v Choke Hazard Final.

World Championship Final

Muswell Hill Supermoons vs Balham Choke Hazard

The first third saw nice Volfsball from both teams, Lee Bannard blocking the Blocktipus, and Larwood shooting four from five. Every single player had scored a point by the end of the first three minutes, but it was the Moons who were 6-4 up.

Bannard blocks the Blocktipus


An early rally saw the Moons jump into an 8-4 lead, the Choke Hazard not showing the defensive prowess that had got them into the final. Some of the shooting accuracy deserted both teams as the pressure of such a monumental occasion got to them. Moons led 10-7 with just three minutes left to see who would claim the greatest prize in sport.

Two early points for the Moons gave them a 12-7 lead, both teams looking increasingly tired after a five game marathon, but the Moons had been more accurate with their one pointers. With just ten seconds left it was 13-10 to the Moons. The Choke Hazard had to attempt the last shot Volfsball to win, something that had never been done in Volfsball history.

Celebrations for the Moons, devastation for Choke Hazard

James ‘Blocktipus’ Hunt stepped up for the shot. Narrowly missed and the Supermoons lifted the crown 13-10.

Prosecco spurted everywhere as Captain Larwood accepted the almost gold trophy from last years winner David Reed. The founding team of Volfsball finally lifting the greatest of all the cups. The real winner as ever was Volfsball. Everyone in attendance was in agreement that it most definitely is the greatest sport of the 21st Century.

Supermoons 2017 World Champions

Full results

Stonehewers 13 – 5 Kongs

Choke Hazard 17 – 4 Choppers

Supermoons 10 – 6 Stonehewers

Kongs 18 – 13 Choke Hazard

Supermoons 19 – 17 Choppers

Stonehewers 3 – 15 Choke Hazard

Kongs 9 – 7 Supermoons

Stonehewers 6 – 15 Choppers

Choke Hazard 8 – 9 Supermoons

Kongs 9 – 16 Choppers


Supermoons 13 – 10 Choke Hazard