Shoot Out Shield and Tramsmashers Debut

July 22nd Volfsball

A humid day in Highgate, temperatures around 28 degrees. Just a few days after the tremendous BBC Ideas coverage of Volfsball, surely the sport would be inundated with crowds….

Six people turned up. The Pitshanger Panthers with Ben Stanier and Toby Davies, and the Supermoons with Commissioner Larwood and Lee Bannard. Matt Somerville turned up to play for the Moons and brought his brother Richard along. It was decided that the Somerville Brothers would form a new team – the Tooting Tramsmashers and each of the team would play each other with a sub borrowed from another squad.

Supermoons vs Panthers

The Moons pushed ahead early with points from Bannard helping them into a 4-2 lead, but at the end of the first third Toby Davies hit a Volfsball, and the Panthers were up 8-4.

They increased the lead in the second third and were 12-7 looking comfortable. Into the last minute Panthers were cruising then Larwood hit a Volfsball to make it 13-13, Toby Davies hit a single to restore the Panthers lead before Larwood hit another Volfsball. Another point from Bannard put the icing on the cake and it finished 19-14. Larwood accounting for 14 of the Moons points.

Panthers vs Tramsmashers

By a lottery Lee Bannard was attributed to join the Sommerville brothers for the Tramsmashers while Larwood was drafted by the Panthers.

A tight first third saw the Panthers edge ahead 3-2 both teams struggling for accuracy but good blocking all round.

Bannard led the way for the Tramsmashers as they levelled it at 4-4 with three minute to play. The final third was full of more poor shooting. But the Panthers were 7-6 ahead with seconds left. Richard Sommerville missed the last shot for the Tramsmashers and they narrowly lost their first game.

Supermoons vs Tramsmashers

Again by lottery the Supermoons drafted Ben Stanier to join them and the Tramsmashers were allocated Toby Davies.

The experience of the Supermoons told early on and then Stanier scored a Volfsball to give them an early lead 6-1. Then Richard Sommerville replied with a Volfsball 6-6. Larwood and Bannard scored singles to give the Moons a 10-7 lead at the end of the first third, already outscoring the previous game.

Is anyone still reading this article? If they are they’ll be pleased to know that the score at the end of the second third was 12-8 and not that much happened.

The Tramsmashers needed something and Richard Sommerville provided it, hitting his second Volfsball of the game, he had accounted for all of the Tramsmashers points in a now 13-12 lead. The teams traded point for point in a tense affair. With about ten seconds left the Moons were up 17-15, Larwood hit his third Volfsball of the day to give the Moons a 22-15 victory in a great game of Volfsball.

Shoot Out Shield

Four teams would contest this noble prize. Larwood and Bannard for the Moons, the Somerville Brothers for the Tramsmashers, Stanier for the Stonehewers and Davies for the Panthers. Each team would take six shots, three from each line, the team with the least points eliminated in each round.

Round One

The Moons missed their kicks and only scored one point. The Stonehewers, Panthers and Tramsmashers were through.

Round Two

Tramsmashers were eliminated, what do you expect everyone knew it would be a Stonehewers/Panthers final.


Toby Davies missed his first kick, and then Ben Stanier nailed his next two to get a 6-0 lead, but in an astonishing come back Davies scored four straight shots giving the Panthers a 10-7 lead. Ben Stanier needed a Volfsball on his last shot to put Davies under pressure. He missed and the Panthers won their second trophy of the season.

All Comers League Results

Supermoons 19 vs 14 Panthers

Panthers 7  vs 6 Tramsmashers

Supermoons 22 vs 15  Tramsmashers

Muswell Hill Supermoons11704185145625
londonnobodieslogoLondon Nobodies550010864815
Pitshanger Panthers640210685914
Choke Hazard Logo, Volfsball TeamBalham Choke Hazard721494107512
Stonehewers LogoStonehewers3300602819
Camden Kongs4202514348
Happy Friends4202315418
Crosstown Ballers4202516818
Tooting Tramsmashers5104526537
Harringay Choppers1001101511
FemGent Utd1001111701