Season Preview – West Wirral Snakehips

West Wirral Snakehips Team PhotoThe Snakehips finished third in the All Comers League last season. We interviewed team captain and joint league top scorer Rob Marland ahead of the 2016 campaign.

Where do you think you will finish in the league this year?

The Snakehips are gunning for another strong start to the season to match our 4-0 run in 2015. Our chances of winning the league are pretty slim though, seeing as our leading shotblocker Andy Utley is still recuperating from a season-ending dislocated knee that left him screaming for his mummy. Also, in July I am moving to Switzerland, which is really far from Crouch End. But never fear, all you fans of the rough-and-tumble northern style of volfsball, because I will be back in December to host (and win) Der Goldene Volf 2016.

 If you don’t win the league, who will and why?

Reigning All Comers champs, the Supermoons, must be favourites to repeat their title run due to their ridiculously deep bench. Other teams only stand a chance if disgruntled Muswell Hill subs tire of warming the bench with their ample asses and jump ship to start new teams.

What opposition player are you most wary of?

The Snakehips have never faced off against the Kongs, but we’re eager to get all up in the face of MVP John “The Hairy Octopus” Reed. Thom Saunders of the Choke Hazard will continue to push envelopes and break boundaries, prompting numerous rule changes to contain his maverick play. Dave McNeill looks likely to perfect his unblockable looping shot, and Tom Bell will be dangerous from any angle. But if Matthew Marsh shows up to play, we’re all fucked.

You can find out more about the Snakehips on their team page here.