Season Preview – Camden Kongs

Camden Kongs Volfsball Cup Team

Camden Kongs Volfsball Cup Team

Interview with Camden Kongs Captain David Reed

Where do you think you will finish in the league this year, what are you hopes and dreams for your team?

Last season (the first season) was a great first season (latest season) for The Kongs. We dominated the record books with first ever MVP John Reed, first ever volf, first ever dopple-volf and the historic event of The Actor Gemma Whelan becoming The First Lady of Volfsball, ending all sporting patriarchy across the world forever. If I had to put some specific goals for the season out there, I’d say a) work on our bread-and-butter 1-pointers so we actually win something and b) become a big enough cultural presence for autocorrect to stop calling us The Kings.

If you don’t win the league, who will and why?

The Choppers. There’s a gentleman’s understanding amongst the teams that we should all have a mix of genders to keep the dickhead level at a minimum. Sadly, to gain height advantage, The Choppers have never fielded a woman. Ever. And I don’t see them becoming more sportsmanlike any time soon. If the soul of Volfsball should die, truly, The Choppers planted the seeds of that bitter harvest.

What opposition player are you most wary of?

Dave “Really Big Shield” McNeill. He’s a one man blocking machine and he must be stopped. We may be forced to offer him a contract with The Kongs when the transfer window opens. When is that by the way?

You can follow the Kongs on twitter @CamdenKongs or read out more about them here.