West Wirral Snakehips 9 – 1 Harringey Choppers

Snakehips – Marland, Wareing, Utley

Choppers – Bell, Bullock Jnr, McGarritty


1st Third

It was time for the mouthiest team in Volfsball to make their return to the field. Their last game had seen the Choppers lift the Larwood Cup off the back of three Volfsball’s from Tom Bell. This time round they had a new line up, Rowland and Hall absent, and Ray Bullock Jnr and Paul Duncan McGarrity making up the team. They faced the stalwart Snakehips line up of Marland, Wareing and Utley, fast becoming known as the team with the most graceful playing style.


As expected there was a lot of chat on the field, but despite nice passing there was very little scoring to be seen, Marland and Utley hitting for the Snakehips and Bell replying for the Choppers. 2-1 at the first break.


2nd Third

Then in the second third, the Snakehips clicked. A lovely block on Bullock by Wareing gave them possession and three quick rebound scores battered the Choppers into a 7-1 deficit.


3rd Third

With the Choppers on the ropes, the Snakehips turned to defence with Utley performing a triumvirate of in your face blocks to the Choppers offense and then retrieving the ball. Truly awesome Volfsball. Another couple of singles from Wareing and Marland saw the Snakehips win 9-1 with the Choppers turning in a record low Volfsball score.

Rob Marland (Snakehips)1143640.36000
Andy Utley (Snakehips)1044040.4520
Hannah Wareing (Snakehips)412510.25200
Tom Bell (Choppers)111910.9200
Paul McGarrity (Choppers)30000400
Ray Bullock (Choppers)50000100