Supermoons 18 vs 19 Snakehips

Supermoons vs Snakehips


The league leading Supermoons went into the game hot favourites, but the Snakehips were rejuvenated after their break and tactically sound what was to follow was one of the greatest Volfsball matches.


The Moons up early from Glassman, then a couple of scores for Feilder and Rob which both just nicked the edge of the prism. There were calls for Hawkeye from the bench. Then as Glassman put the Moons up 3-1 the score was misrecorded as 2-2 which would prove costly. After inspection of video footage there were a number of controversies in the first half of incorrect scoring and misrecorded points that would prove vital later.


Despite this the first quarter was high quality stuff, great defending from the Snakehips, but Larwood scored a wonderful Volfsball to give the Moons 7-3 a lead going into the second.


This was where the Snakehips found their form, Andy deadly as a defended, Rob connecting on shots and Hannah picking up offensive rebounds, but the Supermoons surged again and the first half ended with confusion as to whether the score was 11-7, 11-6 or 10-6. In reality it was 12-7 but no-one was aware of this.


The 3rd quarter saw a brilliant start for the Snakehips with two double scores sandwiching a Feilder point and the score on the field was 12-11 within seconds. But the Moons came back to head in 16-13.


The 4th was more of the same quick scoring Josh Howie putting the Moons in from 17-13, then quick replies from the Snakehips to bring it back to 17-15. Again there was more confusion from the sidelines as James Kettle shouted in an 18-17 scoreline when it was 18-16. Hannah pulled the Snakehips back to 18-18 then in the last ten seconds Larwood missed and Rob sealed the points and a glorious 19-18 win. Later inspection of the video footage put the scores the other way round at 19-18 to the Moons, but the final score on the day counts, and the Snakehips deserved the victory with some fine team play from a group that didn’t have a substitute.



NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
Marek Larwood
Jamie Glassman
Simon Feilder
Josh Howie
Rob (Snakehips)211047100.47200
Andy (Snakehips)1863360.33540
Hannah (Snakeshops)623320.33210