Supermoons 15 v 13 Kongs

Game 8 – 25th July 2015 – Supermoons vs Kongs

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Line Ups

Moons – Larwood, McNeill, Feilder

Kongs – D. Reed, J.Reed, Morris

The two powerhouses met again in what proved to be the greatest Volfsball game played to date. There was an air of anticipation as Volfsball fans around the world waited to see if the widening of the Volfsball ring from 12.5 to 14 inches would have any effect.

Having won four of their five previous match ups, the Moons started strong taking a 3-0 lead in what proved to be a defensive battle. Richard Morris and Dave McNeill blocking most of what came their way. The Kongs clawed back to 3-2 at the half, with Morris and Larwood going close with five point Volfsball attempts.

What followed was an incredible second half. Previously known for his defensive capabilities Dave McNeill’s two handed shooting technique struck gold as an early Volfsball shot propelled the Moons into an 8-3. Their new found confidence was quickly shattered as Richard Morris attempted what was thought impossible the fabled DoppelVolfsball. It entails kicking the ball through the hoop, and to date has only been dreamt about. but Morris’s kick rang true, the ball sailed through hoop. The Moons were shell shocked. In a matter of seconds the Kongs had jumped into a 13-8 lead.

Heading into the final quarter the stout defense of the Kongs looked well set to knock up a victory. The Moons sought to chip away at the Kongs lead, with Larwood notching up a couple of one pointers to bring them back to 13-10. Then as the clock ticked it was time for man of the match Dave McNeill to go for his trademark two handed shot, and it sank. Yet another Volfsball, giving the Moons a 15-13, which they held on to for victory.


The previous seven games had only seen one Volfsball, but this exciting match up had doubled that, and added a DoppelVolfsball. It was just a shame that the only person watching was a dog.


Marek Larwood122160.1620000
Dave McNeill154260.8128020
Simon Feilder81120.1210000
Richard Morris13170.76108001
David Reed71140.1410100
John Reed112180.1822100