Supermoons 13 v Kongs 10

Camden Kongs Volfsball Cup Team

Camden Kongs Volfsball Cup Team

Supermoons vs Kongs


Moons – Larwood, Feilder, Somerville

Kongs – D Reed, J Reed, Sukan


Ill Captain Larwood stripped down to his t-shirt for the Supermoons as they faced old rivals the Camden Kongs needing a win to stay in the tournament. Both sides fielding just three players in what could prove a test of stamina, as the already battle weary Supermoons faced the Reed brothers and Idil Sukan.

The game started as predicted, cagey, Larwood and Feilder hitting for the Moons the ever reliable John Reed scoring for the Kongs. Delicately poised at 2-2, from out of nowhere utility man Mat Somerville hit Volfsball from deep in the field giving the Moons a 7-2 lead and kept their cup dream alive. The quarter finishing 8-2.

Second quarter saw John Reed reliable shooting creep the Kongs back into the game as the Moons drew a blank. 8-5 in a nervy game.

More of the same in the third, the Kongs hugging the inner circle in defence and John Reed’s steady hand pulling them back within a point 9-8 at the quarter.

But the steady hand of John Reed was their ultimately the Kongs undoing. The bearded destroyer jumped to block a Larwood shot, entering the no-go zone. Referee Rowlands enforced a free shot penalty. Larwood opted for a kick, and converted and this three points would ultimately separate the teams, as the Moons stayed in the cup with a 13-10 victory.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
David Reed
John Reed (Kongs)1685080.5500
Idil Sukan
Marek Larwood (Supermoons)1254170.58200
Matt Somerville (Supermoons)711450.71201
Simon Feilder