Rhein Ruhr Germinators 18 v 10 Camden Kongs

Marsh strikes again

Marsh strikes again

Germinators – Wehn, Russell, marsh

Kongs – D Reed, J Reed, Cavanagh (Sub Sukan)



Both teams went into the match with a win under their belt. The Kongs confident after a resounding 24-12 victory, the Germinators with secret weapon 61 year old Volfsball hot shot Matthew Marsh. After an early score from the sublimely accurate John Reed, Marsh stuck again with his third Volfsball in the last two quarters of play. Then twenty seconds later HE DID IT AGAIN equally his own and Dave McNeill’s record of two Volfsball’s in a match just a minute and a half into play. The powerful looking Kongs were in disbelief. Chants of a new nickname – Matthew ‘The Canon’ Marsh erupted from the sidelines. The half ended with everyone in shock.


The second quarter saw the Kongs wake up to the aerial threat that had cost them so dearly in the first quarter and employed John Reed to mark ‘The Canon’. This worked well with John Reed blocking the threat but they couldn’t find the offense to bring them back into the game and the half ended 11-3.


Finally the Kongs sprung to life, again John Reed leading the scoring with help from Martin Cavanagh. With seconds left in the third with the Kongs clawing back within in a Volfsball to 11-6, but a drop in concentration left the dangerman Marsh open for a record breaking third Volfsball in the game. The Germinators were 16-6 up on the verge of an incredible upset with a quarter remaining.


There was no more excitement to be had, a couple of points from either team saw the Germinators emerge victorious on a perfect August day 18-10. Seventeen of those points coming from the greatest debutant Volfsball has ever seen Matthew ‘The Canon’ Marsh.


NameShotsHits%PtsPPSBlks/IntOff RebVolfsballs
David Reed
John Reed (Kongs)1254150.41500
Martin Cavanagh (Kongs)1343040.40020
Idil Sukan
Henning Wehn (Germinators)121810.08200
Thia Russell (Germinators)30000.00210
Matthew Marsh